The Town of Cambridge Council comprises a Mayor and eight councillors, who are elected via local government elections held every two years in October through postal voting.

Cambridge is divided into two wards; Wembley and Coast. Each ward is represented by four councillors, with two retiring in any election year. A councillor's normal term of office is four years and half the council members retire every two years.

The role of a councillor (as specified in the Local Government Act 1995) is to:

  • represent the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents of the district;
  • provide leadership and guidance to the community;
  • facilitate communication between the community and the council;
  • participate in the decision-making processes at council and committee meetings; and
  • perform functions given to a councillor by the Act or other laws.

Council members are the decision makers responsible for:

  • the development of council policy;
  • the direction and control of the affairs of the local government;
  • making decisions on project priorities and the plans to achieve them; and
  • the periodical review of council's programs and performance.

Council meetings

Council meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month starting at 6pm. The meeting schedule is subject to review occasionally and changes are notified in local newspapers. Council meetings are open to the public and the attendance of residents, ratepayers and other interested parties is welcome.

There are four committees established to deal with specific areas of Council's operations.  These are:

  • Infrastructure and Community (second Tuesday at 6pm);
  • Governance and Corporate (Monday before third Tuesday at 6pm);
  • Development (third Tuesday at 6pm); and 
  • Audit (meets as required).

The recommendations of these committees are then considered by full Council on the fourth Tuesday at 6pm.

Council agendas and minutes

Agendas for committee and council meetings are available to members of the public at the same time as provided to elected members. Agendas are normally available on the Town's website or from the administration from Friday noon prior to meetings. Minutes are available on the website as soon as possible but not longer than ten days following the meeting.

Last Updated: 21/02/2014