Committee Meetings

Council has three committees that deal with specific areas of Council operations.

The Community and Resouces and the Development committees meet monthly and present their recommendations for consideration by Council each month.

The Audit Committee meets approximately three times per year with recommendations also put to Council for consideration. 


When do the committees meet?

 Community and Resources Monday, before the third Tuesday of the month
 Development third Tuesday of the month 
 Audit as required (approximately four times per year)

Meeting Schedule for 2015 Committee Meetings

 Community and Resources  Development
16 February 2015 17 February 2015
16 March 2015 17 March 2015
20 April 2015 21 April 2015
18 May 2015 19 May 2015
15 June 2015 16 June 2015
20 July 2015 21 July 2015
17 August 2015 18 August 2015
14 September 2015 15 September 2015
5 October 2015 6 October 2015
16 November 2015 17 November 2015
7 December 2015 8 December 2015

What matter do the committees deal with?

 Community and Resources


Construction and Operations
Geographic Information Systems
Engineering (Design and Investigations)
Waste Management
Building Management
Parks and Landscape
Fleet Management
Depot Operations

Community Development

Disability Services
Community Safety
Youth Services
Senior Services
Library Services
Facilities Management
Bold Park Aquatic Centre
Wembley Golf Course


Human Resources
Public Relations
Council Operatons
Strategic Planning
Statutory Compliance

Information Technology
Property (Land and Leasing)
Customer Services
Document Management

Development   Audit

Planning Services
Building Services
Environmental Health Services                                                       
Development Liaison
Ranger Services
Beach Inspections 

Appointment of internal and external auditor
Internal and external audit program
Strategic risk management
Financial statements


Public participation and question time

All Committee meetings (unless otherwise decided by Council) are open to the public; residents, ratepayers and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

Public question time is held at the start of each meeting. Questions submitted in writing prior to the meeting will, where possible, be responded to at the meeting. Written and verbal questions can also be submitted directly to the meeting, however an immediate response might not be possible on every occasion. Responses to these questions will be provided as soon as possible after the meeting.

All questions submitted to the Committee meeting (either in writing or verbally) will be included as part of the minutes of the meeting.

Should you wish to put a question to Committee please complete and submit the form below:


  Committee Meeting Questions
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Prefer to put your question/s in writing? If so, please lodge them by:

Post PO Box 15
Floreat 6014
Person 1 Bold Park Drive
Floreat 6014
Facsimile 08 9347 6060



Last Updated: 16/01/2015