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Would you like to stay informed of the latest Council decisions but don't have time to read the full Council Minutes?

If so, listed below are a selection of items from the most recent Council meeting

If you would like more information on items listed below or to view all reports read the 23 May 2017 Council Agenda.

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23 May 2017 Council Meeting - Items of Interest 


Five Year Bicycle Plan (2017-2021) - Public Consultation 


Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay 2018


RFT06-17 - Tree Pruning and Removal Services for Wembley Golf Course  



State Underground Power Program - Pricing Model Update



Empire Village and The Boulevard Shopping Centre - Parking Issues  


Representation on Statutory Authorities and Public Bodies


Mayor Shannon -  Funds for Gallipoli Remembered: The Book

Mayor Shannon seeks Council support for the following:


(i)      the Town contribute the amount of $3,000 towards the printing of the book Gallipoli Remembered;

(ii)     the Town donate copies of the book Gallipoli Remembered to local primary and high school libraries and 4 copies be located at the Cambridge Library.


Mayor Shannon -  Transparency Initiatives

Mayor Shannon seeks Council support for the following:


(i)      the CEO be required to inform the Council of each proposal to renew a contract referred to in section 5.39 of the Local Government Act including advice as to the proposed termination terms, and the council may accept or reject the CEO’s recommendation;

(ii)     the CEO shall not offer contracts of employment for senior officers with termination notice periods that exceed four (4) weeks notice of termination;

(iii)    the CEO must ensure that the contracts of employment include terms which are designed to protect the Town during and after the senior officer’s period of employment with a restraint provision that provides that the senior officer must not act in a way that may give rise to conflict of interest by using confidential information gained in his or her employment with the Town and imposes an obligation not to disclose, use or produce the confidential information or intellectual property for any purpose outside the ambit of their employment, without the express written consent of the Town.



Mayor Shannon - Developer Contact with Planning Staff

Mayor Shannon seeks Council support for the following:

That the CEO instruct Planning staff to include in their report to Council regarding any development application for a development with a total value over $3.5million:

(i)      the dates of contact;

(ii)     the nature of the communication between the staff and developer.

Note: For the purpose of the policy Developer means any applicant or its representatives who does not intend to reside or use the development and instead intends to sell the development for profit. 


Last Updated: 19/05/2017