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Application 0145DA-2014 - 172 Railway Parade, West Leederville
 JDAP meeting date:  Friday, 29 August 2014
Agenda and Attachements: 

pdf.png   Development Assessment Panel Meeting Agenda 29 August 2014

pdf.png   Responsible Authority Report

pdf.png   Attachment 1 Revised Plans and Elevations dated 29 May 2014

pdf.png   Attachment 2 Additional Revised Plans dated 25 June 2014 (replace Plan No. SK02, SK09 REV B_140625)

pdf.png   Attachment 3 Schedule of Sumissions

pdf.png   Attachment 4 Supporting photos to Submission 4

pdf.png   Attachment 5 Planning Report TPG

pdf.png   Attachment 6 Transport Assessment Tarsc dated 30 June 2014

pdf.png   Attachment 7 Waste Management Plan Dallywater dated April 2014

pdf.png   Attachment 8 Streetscape Photomontage

pdf.png   Attachment 9 Policy 6.5 West Leederville Precinct Policy

pdf.png   Attachment 10 West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study

pdf.png   Attachment 11 Policy 5.6 Percent for Public Art

pdf.png   Attachment 12 Landscaping Plan dated 13 May 2014

pdf.png   Attahcment 13 HSE Consultant Report Asbestos Survey December 2013

pdf.png   Attachment 14 Southport Street Node Map

pdf.png   Attachment 15 Traffic Report Addendum Tarsc dated 18 August 2014 


pdf.png   Minutes JDAP Meeting 29 August 2014

Decision Approved


 Application - 0483DA-2011 - 110 Cambridge Street, West Leederville
JDAP meeting date: 18 April 2012
Agenda and Attachments: 







  Attachment 1_-_Development_Plans_and_Elevations 




  Attachment 3_-_Landscape_Plan












  Minutes - JDAP Meeting - 18 April 2012



(NOTE: Application for Review lodged with State Administrative Tribunal on 18 May 2012. Application reconsidered and approval granted for a 6 storey mixed use development with retail tenancies and 60 multiple dwellings by JDAP on 15 August 2012.)


 Application 0369DA-2012 - State Netball Centre, Carpark, Access Road and Associated Infrastructure
 JDAP meeting date:

27 February 2013


Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png Metro_West_JDAP - Minutes - 30 October 2012 

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png Metro West JDAP - Minutes - 21 November 2012

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png Metro West JDAP - Minutes - 27 February 2013

 Decision:  Approved 


 Application - 0305DA-2012 - 51 Omaroo Terrace, City Beach (37 dwelling units with basement split level carpark)

The applicant has withdrawn the DAP application for Lot 501 Omaroo Terrace, City Beach on  16 April 2013.


 Application 418DA - 2013 - Seven storey mixed use development with 69 multiple dwellings and seven commercial tenancies
JDAP meeting date: 14 January 2014 
 Minutes:  pdf.png  Metro West JDAP - Minutes- 14 January 2014
 Decision: Approved 


 Application 442DA-2013 - Additions and alterations to existing nursing home (Koh-I-Noor Nursing Home)
JDAP meeting date: 14 January 2014 
 Decision: Approved 


 Application 0054DA-2014 - 21-23 Northwood St, West Leederville (Eight storey mixed use development with 37 multiple dwellings & commercial tenancies)
JDAP meeting date: 8 May 2014 
Agenda and attachments: 

pdf.png    Metro West JPAP - Agenda - 8 May 2014

pdf.png   Attachment 1 - Development Plans and Elevations

pdf.png  Attachment 2 - Photomontage of Street Elevation

pdf.png  Attachment 3 - Schedule of Submissions  

pdf.png  Attachment 4 - Supporting Diagrams to Submission Reduced

pdf.png  Attachment 5 - Applicant's Response to Schedule of Submissions

pdf.png  Attachment 6 - Planning Report TPG

pdf.png  Attachment 7 - Parking Management Plan

pdf.png  Attachment 8 - Waste Management Plan

pdf.png  Attachment 9 - Transport Statement

pdf.png  Attachment 10 - Travel Plan

pdf.png  Attachment 11 - Perspective of Pedestrian Access Way

pdf.png  Attachment 12 - West Leederville Precinct 


pdf.png   Metro West JDAP - Minutes - 8 May 2014 

Decision:   Refused. 

Note: The above refusal of DAP Application 0054DA-2014 (21-23 Northwood Street, West Leederville) was lodged with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for a Review of the Decision.

 JDAP Meeting Date: 4 August 2014
Agenda and attachments:

pdf.png Metro West JDAP-Agenda 4 August 2014

pdf.png Attachment 1-Revised Development Plans and Elevations -2 July 2014

pdf.png Attachment 2 -Revised Parking Management Plan

pdf.png Attachment 3-Comparison of Previous Proposal with Revised Plans-Elevation Drawings

pdf.png Attchment 4-West Leederville Precinct Policy

Minutes:  pdf.png Metro West JDAP Minutes-4 August 2014
Decision: Deferred to allow for public advertising of revised plans
JDAP Meeting Date:  15 September 2014
Agenda and attachments:

pdf.png Metro West JDAP-Agenda 15 September 2014

pdf.png Attachment_1_-_Revised_Development_Plans_and_Elevations_-_2_July_2014.pdf

pdf.png Attachment 2 - Comparison Elevations - Original (Refused) and Revised

pdf.png Attachment 3 Comparison of Northwood St Perspective - Original (Refused) and Revised

pdf.png Attachment_4_-_Revised_Northwood_Street_Montage

pdf.png Attachment_5_-_Rear_Pether_Lane_Montage

pdf.png Attachment_6_-_Overshadow_Diagrams

pdf.png Attachment_7_-_View_Diagram

pdf.png Attachment 8-_Revised_Parking_Management_Plan

pdf.png Attachment_9_-_Revised_Waste_Management_Plan

pdf.png Attachement_10_Schedule_of_Submissions

pdf.png Attachment 11-West Leederville Precinct Policy

 Minutes: pdf.png Metro_West_JDAP-_Minutes_-_15_September_2014
Decision:  State Administrative Tribunal be advised that DAP refused the revised plans.
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