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The Metro West JDAP meet only when there is a DAP application to determine.

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Applications currently requiring consideration by DAP 

DA Reference: 

0431DA-2014 - 7 storey mixed use development

Property Addresses:

 Lot 226, 702, 703 & 704 (Nos. 29-33) Northwood Street, West Leederville

Summary of Development:  

  • 7 storey building with screened mechanical plant area on the roof top;
  • 74 apartments comprising one and two bedroom dwellings;
  • communal roof top recreational area comprising BBQs, outdoor dining and lounge areas facing west (rear);
  • 2 ground floor commercial tenancies fronting Northwood Street and a small coffee kiosk;
  • 102 car bays (including 17 residential visitor bays /commercial bays - reciprocal use of bays is proposed);
  • basement and ground level parking within the building - accessed via Pether Lane;
  • waste collection from Pether Lane; and
  • public open space concept - street verge planters, landscaping, street furniture and bike racks.


pdf.png  Drawing Set

pdf.png  Landscape Drawings

pdf.png  Planning Report Part 1

pdf.png  Planning Report Part 2

pdf.png  Planning Report Part 3

pdf.png  Traffic Assessment Part 1

pdf.png  Traffic Assessment Part 2

pdf.png  Waste Management and Public Art Report


  •  Proposal is currently undergoing public advertising. Comments are to be received by Wednesday, 5 November 2014.

DAP Meeting Date:  



DA Reference: 

0436DA-2014 - Additions and Alterations to Existing Hospital

Property Addresses:

 Lot 5 (No. 187) Cambridge Street, Wembley

Summary of Development:  

  • Three storey addition to be built to the Cambridge Street boundary and towards eastern side boundary
  • Includes new patient rooms and ancillary functions such as therapy rooms and day rooms
  • Conversion of existing office, storage and vacant areas for patient rooms
  • 19 parking bays on site and 10 parking bays to be leased offsite at St Joseph's Church. Salvado Road, Subiaco.


pdf.png  Existing Ground Floor and Demolition

pdf.png  Existing Upper Floors and Demolition

pdf.png  Proposed Elevations

pdf.png  Proposed Perspectives 1

pdf.png  Proposed Perspectives 2

pdf.png  Proposed Upper Floors

pdf.png  Site Ground Floor


  • This application is currently being assessed. As this use is permitted in the Medical Zone it is not subject to advertising as per Town Planning Scheme No1.

DAP Meeting Date:  




DA Reference: 

0394DA-2014 - Proposed Two Storey Office with Advertising Sign

Property Addresses:

 Lot 1 (No. 3) Oxford Close, West Leederville

Summary of Development:  

  • Three storey building with undercroft parking at ground level accessed from Oxford Close and office space on the second floor
  • LED screen sign on the Oxford Close/Railway Parade corner of building
  • Screening and landscaping at street level
  • Six parking bays


pdf.png  Development Plans


  • This application is currently being assessed.

DAP Meeting Date:  



DA Reference: 

0286DA-2014 - Proposed Ten Storey Mixed-Use Development

Property Addresses:

Lot 501 (No. 7-9) Loftus Street, Lot 500 (No. 3) Bermondsey Street & Lot 6 (No. 8) Macewan Street, West Leederville


Summary of Development:  

  • Seven levels of commercial (office) space, and three levels comprising 20 mostly two-bedroom multiple dwellings;
  • Three levels of basement parking, including a 100-bay (fee payable) public car park, to be accessed off Bermondsey Street;
  • A new public plaza on the corner of Loftus Street and Macewan Street;
  • A ground floor café with alfresco seating area;
  • A plot ratio of 4.6:1; and
  • 139 bicycle bays, including a secure storage area, and end-of-trip facilities



  •  Proposal is currenlty undergoing public advertising. Comments are to be received by Friday 5 September 2014.

DAP Meeting Date:  

To be advised


 Application 0054DA-2014 - 21-23 Northwood St, West Leederville (Eight storey mixed use development with 37 multiple dwellings & commercial tenancies)
JDAP meeting date: 8 May 2014 
Summary of Development:
  • JDAP refused revised plans on 15 September 2014.
  • Revised plans dated 9 October 2014 considered at SAT mediation meeting with Metro West JDAP on 15 October 2014.
  • The JDAP ordered to reconsider its decision on or before 14 November 2014. 
  • The JDAP meeting date to consider revised plans is now Wednesday 12 November 2014 at  

    2.00pm, Department of Planning , Level 2,  140 William Street, Perth .

  • The SAT proceeding of the 15 October 2014  adjourned to a further SAT directions hearing on 28 November 2014. 
Agenda and attachments: 

pdf.png    Metro West JPAP - Agenda - 8 May 2014

pdf.png   Attachment 1 - Development Plans and Elevations

pdf.png  Attachment 2 - Photomontage of Street Elevation

pdf.png  Attachment 3 - Schedule of Submissions  

pdf.png  Attachment 4 - Supporting Diagrams to Submission Reduced

pdf.png  Attachment 5 - Applicant's Response to Schedule of Submissions

pdf.png  Attachment 6 - Planning Report TPG

pdf.png  Attachment 7 - Parking Management Plan

pdf.png  Attachment 8 - Waste Management Plan

pdf.png  Attachment 9 - Transport Statement

pdf.png  Attachment 10 - Travel Plan

pdf.png  Attachment 11 - Perspective of Pedestrian Access Way

pdf.png  Attachment 12 - West Leederville Precinct 


pdf.png   Metro West JDAP - Minutes - 8 May 2014 

Decision:   Refused. 

Note: The above refusal of DAP Application 0054DA-2014 (21-23 Northwood Street, West Leederville) was lodged with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for a Review of the Decision.

JDAP Meeting Date: 4 August 2014
Agenda and attachments:

pdf.png Metro West JDAP-Agenda 4 August 2014

pdf.png Attachment 1-Revised Development Plans and Elevations -2 July 2014

pdf.png Attachment 2 -Revised Parking Management Plan

pdf.png Attachment 3-Comparison of Previous Proposal with Revised Plans-Elevation Drawings

pdf.png Attchment 4-West Leederville Precinct Policy

Minutes: pdf.png Metro West JDAP Minutes-4 August 2014
Decision: Deferred to allow for public advertising of revised plans
JDAP Meeting Date:  Wednesday, 12 November, at 2.00pm, Department of Planning , Level 2,  140 William Street, Perth .
Agenda and attachments:

pdf.png Amended_Plans_received_20_October_2014

pdf.png Revised_Parking_Management_Plan_dated_23_October_2014

pdf.png Metro West JDAP-Agenda 15 September 2014

pdf.png Attachment_1_-_Revised_Development_Plans_and_Elevations_-_2_July_2014

pdf.png Attachment 2 - Comparison Elevations - Original (Refused) and Revised

pdf.png Attachment 3 Comparison of Northwood St Perspective - Original (Refused) and Revised

pdf.png Attachment_4_-_Revised_Northwood_Street_Montage

pdf.png Attachment_5_-_Rear_Pether_Lane_Montage

pdf.png Attachment_6_-_Overshadow_Diagrams

pdf.png Attachment_7_-_View_Diagram

pdf.png Attachment 8-_Revised_Parking_Management_Plan

pdf.png Attachment_9_-_Revised_Waste_Management_Plan

pdf.png Attachement_10_Schedule_of_Submissions

pdf.png Attachment 11-West Leederville Precinct Policy

 Minutes: pdf.png Metro_West_JDAP-_Minutes_-_15_September_2014
Decision:  State Administrative Tribunal be advised that DAP refused the revised plans.
Last Updated: 30/10/2014