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The Metro West JDAP meet only when there is a DAP application to determine.

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Applications currently requiring consideration by DAP 

DA Reference: 

0054DA-2014 Proposed Seven Storey Mixed Use Development comprising Two (2) Ground Floor Commercial Tenancies and Thirty Six (36)  Multiple Dwellings

Property Address:  21-23 Northwood Street, West Leederville
Summary of Development:  
  • Seven storey mixed use building as it presents to both Northwood Street and Pether Lane. 
  • Two commercial tenancies at ground level fronting Northwood Street.
  • 36 multiple dwellings comprising 10 one bedroom units, 20 two bedroom units and 6 three bedroom units or two bedrooms with potential study.
  • Basement and at-grade parking to the rear of the site with vehicle entry and exit from Pether Lane.
  • 43 parking bays and four (4) moped/motorcycle bays.  Eleven (11) of the parking bays are stacker car bays.  Four (4) car bays are for residential visitor parking and 2 bays are for the commercial tenancies during business hours.
  • Bicycle racks for 13 bicycles within the basement and ground car parks and bicycle racks within the verge area for six (6) bicycles to cater for short stay commercial and residential visitors.

pdf.png    Comparison of Previous Proposal with Revised Plans-Elevation Drawings.pdf

pdf.png    RAR_Reconsideration of Amended Plans by DAP-SAT Mediation.pdf

pdf.png    Revised Development Plans and Elevations (2/07/2014).pdf

pdf.png    Revised Parking Management Plan.pdf

pdf.png    West Leederville Precinct Policy.pdf

pdf.png    Metro West JDAP-Agenda No67-Town of Cambridge.pdf


  • An 'Application for Review of Decision' submitted to State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).
  • Revised plans considered at SAT mediation with DAP ordered to reconsider its decision on 4 August 2014.
DAP Meeting Date:  

Monday, 4 August 2014


 Applications currently requiring consideration by DAP
DA Reference:  0145DA-2014 Nine and ten storey residential development comprising 143 multiple dwellings in two buildings
Property Address:  172 Railway Parade, West Leederville 
Summary of Development:  
  • ROW to be extended along the northern boundary of the site.
  • 143 dwellings in two apartment buildings: one of nine storeys (southern building facing Railway Parade) and one of ten storeys at the rear of the site.
  • Mix of one bedroom and two bedroom dwellings (107 two bedroom dwellings and 36 one bedroom dwellings).
  • 205 resident and visitor car bays provided over a lower ground and two basement levels with access from either Railway Parade or Nicholson Street (via the new ROW extension).
  • Ground floor uses comprising residential lobby, games room, pool lounge and gymnasium. Communal open space separating the two buildings encompassing a swimming pool, pool deck and barbeque area.
  • No height or plot ratio variations sought

pdf.png   Development Plan (29/5/2013)

pdf.png   Planning Report (13/5/2013)

pdf.png   Transport Assessment

pdf.png   Waste Management Report

pdf.png   Street Montage


Currently being assessed by Town of Cambridge Planning Services. Advertised for public comment, closing Wednesday, 25 June 2014.
DAP Meeting Date:   Thursday, 7 August 2014
Last Updated: 29/07/2014