Freedom of Information

The WA Freedom of Information Act 1992 gives you the right to apply for access to documents held by state public sector agencies: government departments, local authorities, statutory authorities and government ministers. You can request access to paper files, computer records, maps, plans, photographs, tape recordings, films, video tapes and electronically stored information.

Further information about the Freedom of Information process is available on the Office of the Information Commissioner website.

How do you apply to access information?

Basic Application Fee  $30 
Time taken by Town employees (per hour pro rata)  $30 
Charges for duplicating a tape, film or computer data  Actual cost 
Photocopying charges (per copy)  20 cents 
Packaging and postal costs  Actual cost 


Information about documents held by us, including those available outside the Freeedom of Information Act, are listed in our Freedom_of_Information_Statement



Last Updated: 25/11/2014