Cambridge and Subiaco to combine

On 22 October 2014 the Minister for Local Government and Communities, Tony Simpson announced that from 1 July 2015 the boundaries of the Town of Cambridge would be extended to taken in most of the City of Subiaco and parts of the cities of Stirling and Nedlands. 

The name of the new council will be the City of Subiaco.

This accepted recommendation became law on 24 December 2014 with the issue of the Governor's Orders.

As the continuing council, our current elected members will remain in office until their term expires (either in October 2015 or October 2017).  The mayor and four councillor positions will be up for election in October 2015, and four councillor positions in October 2017.

The State's decision was as recommended by the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) who had considered proposals from the State, local governments and the community to reduce the number of Perth metropolitan local governments. The Minister was permitted to accept or reject, but not amend, the LGAB's recommendation.

The new boundaries recommended by the LGAB are almost identical to those put forward for consideration in the Town's Proposal 17.


North City Beach and Mt Claremont

One disappointing element of the LGAB recommendation is that the area of City Beach north of Hale Road will transfer to the City of Stirling from 1 July 2015, with the LGAB designating Hale Road as the northern boundary.

As a result of this boundary change the affected north City Beach residents have petitioned the LGAB and the State Government requesting they be returned to the new Subiaco.  This commuinty action has resulted in the State Government advising residents that, in response to community feedback they intend to submit a proposal to the LGAB, which would see the portion of City Beach north of Hale Road returned to the new City of Subiaco.

At the December 2014 meeting of Council it was agreed a proposal be prepared for the LGAB requesting the area of City Beach north of Hale Road be returned to the new Subiaco.

At the same meeting Council agreed a proposal be prepared for the LGAB, requesting the area of Mt Claremont, that under the current proposal would move to the new western suburbs council, be returned to the new City of Subiaco.


 Read the December 2014 council report.

Proposals for both areas were submitted to the LGAB in early February 2015.


Local Implementation Committee

The Town of Cambridge and City of Subiaco have formed a Local Implementation Committee (LIC) to guide the merger process, and are working closely to ensure the interests of our residents and ratepayers are preserved.

The LIC meet monthly to oversee all matters associated with the merger and to foster a positive culture for the new organisation.


Reform Timeline 


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Last Updated: 09/02/2015