City Beach Development Complete!

After an 18 month construcution period and just over $17 million dollars spent the new surf club building and restaurant precinct at City Beach is complete.

Watch the time-lapse video and enjoy the 18 month journey in just over three minutes!



Facilities open to the public

Odyssea Cafe opened in January 2016.  The two other eateries, Rise Pizzeria and Hampton's City Beach are expected to open by Winter 2016

City of Perth Surf Lifesaving Club is expected to open May 2016

Fitout of buildings starts September 2015 tick.jpg
Building works complete January 2016tick.jpg

Seawall construction complete

August 2014  tick.jpg
Building works begin

July/August 2014  tick.jpg 

Old surf club demolished 

July 2014  tick.jpg

Old surf club closes June 2014  tick.jpg

Council awards main construction tender to Georgiou Group

April 2014  tick.jpg

Seawall construction starts

April 2014  tick.jpg
Council awards seawall construction tender to Yarnell Civil  February 2014  tick.jpg


Progress Reports

November 2015

Construction works are entering their final phase with beach access, public amenities and amphitheatre expected to open in early December 2015.  All construction activity should be completed by Christmas.

The new cafe/kiosk Odyssea is currently being fitted-out and should commence trading in late January 2016.

The operators of the pizzeria and 'Hamptons' have progressed their fit-out designs and anticipate starting works on site before Christmas.

The surf club building is expected to be handed over to the City of Perth Surf Lifesaving Club in early December for their fit-out.

October 2015

The builder, Georgiou Group, is progressively handing over the three new restaurants and surf club building to the town to allow fit-out works to start.

Odyssea Cafe is currently being fitted-out and is expected to start trading by the end of the year.

We anticipate the entire project site will be open to the public early this summer.

August 2015

Building works are nearing completion.

Handover to tenants is expected within the next couple of weeks with view to summer opening.

July 2015

Works progressing to an August/September project completion.  The project is being keenly monitored with weather the main risk factor to achieving completion date.

When works are complete the premises will be handed to the surf club and restaurant tenants so fit-out can commence.

June 2015

Minor delays have been experienced with the redevelopment, resulting in buildings expected to be handed to the tenants (three restaurants and surf club) in August/September - about a month later than originally planned.  Despite the later handover we still anticipate the precinct will be fully operational by the start of the summer surf season.

May 2015

Building construction work is progressing well and is on track to hand over to tenants in July 2015, for fitout.

Hospitality operators are finalising fitout plans for approval and have started formal applications for liquor licenses.

All Norfolk Island pines that were earmarked for relocation within the precinct have been replanted at their new positions.

Work on developing a brand for the precinct has begun.

March 2015

Surf club building roof, floor and walls are now complete.  Steelworks for commercial tenancies 'B' and 'C' are complete and the walls are under construction.  The slab for tenancy 'A' is being prepared with wall construction expected in the next month.

Names for two of the three commercial tenancies have been announced.  The large family restaurant (Tenancy 'A') will be called Hamptons @ City Beach and the cafe/kiosk (Tenancy 'B') Odyssea.

Works are on track for a mid-year handover to the surf club and commercial tenants.

December 2014

Surf club building wall panels and footings are nearly finished and the roof structure is 50% complete.  The concrete slab for commercial tenancy 'B' has been poured with earthworks for tenancies 'A' and 'C' well underway.  A retaining wall for the beach promenade has been started and drainage works for the new service road are done.  The new red bitumen service road is scheduled for construction early in the new year.

November 2014

Construction of surf club building walls well advanced and first part of the roof slab poured.  Building 'B' (café/kiosk) is well underway and work to soon start on buildings 'A' and 'C', (to house two other restaurants planned for the precinct).

Work on roadway off Challenger Parade, to service the City Beach surf club and restaurant precinct, to start any day.

Pine trees within the build zone have been dug up and relocated to other locations within the City Beach development site.

Area of beach accessible to beachgoers increased, with site fence around the development zone relocated closer into the site and the sand cleaned of any rubble left from construction works.

Community comment is invited on a proposal to extend the Challenger Parade car park (south of Oceanic Drive).  Visit our City Beach Additional Parking page for more information on the proposal and details on how to lodge comments.

September 2014

Following demolition of the old surf club building the site has been prepared for the build phase.

Part of the new surf club building floor slab has already been poured with the walls, in the form of pre-cast concrete panels, expected on site in a week or so.  The external walls of the surf club are expected to be completed by Christmas.

The floor slab of restaurant 'B' (the northern most building) has been poured and the brickwork for the plant room and public toilets, beneath the building, nearly finished.

Screening of the beach sand to remove any rubble from the building demolition and seawall construction works is underway.  When finished the site fencing on the beach side will be moved closer to the work zone, to provide a greater expanse of beach for visitors.

Two Norfolk Island Pines, part of the six to be relocated within the precinct were destroyed in a recent storm.

Less than a week after the largest tree had been gently lifted from its original location to be the centrepiece of the Oceanic Drive/Challenger Parade roundabout, a storm swept across the coast causing the steel cables supporting the pine to snap, the tree to topple over and be damaged so badly it couldn't be saved.

The second pine blown over in the storm was also too badly damaged to save.

The Town is extremely disappointed at the loss of these two trees which were to be a feature of the new development, and is working with Georgiou on a solution to replace them.

July 2014 - Surf club building toppled to make way for City Beach Development

On Friday, 4 July a crowd gathered at City Beach to witness the first bricks of the old surf club building tumble, the demolition that marks the start of the main construction works.

Cambridge mayor, Simon Withers, City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club President, Grant Trew plus Town of Cambridge and Georgiou Group representatives where joined by local media and television to record the event.

The main construction phase of this exciting new precinct has officially begun!

Read the full press release here

April 2014 - City Beach construction tender awarded

Cambridge Council has awarded a $13m contract for construction of the Surf Club building and Commercial Development at City Beach to Georgiou Group.

Georgiou Group will be responsible for all building works associated with the development, including construction of the surf club, restaurants, roadways, footpaths and landscaping.

The awarding of this contract, together with the contract recently awarded to Yarnell Civil for construction of a seawall, means all construction contracts have now been awarded for this project.

The project budget is $17.7m, from which $6.85m will pay for the surf club. The Town will provide $15.5m toward the development, with the City of Perth Surf Lifesaving Club contributing $250,000 toward the surf club building and balance of $1.95m being funded from Grants.

Following closure of the surf club building at the end of May this year, work on the new facilities will commence in June and are expected to be finished by mid 2015.

Work also recently began on the below ground seawall and repairs to the City Beach groyne which is expected to be complete by mid-August 2014.

April 2014 - Construction of Seawall underway

The much anticipated Surf Club Building and Commercial Development at City Beach is about to take its next big step forward, with construction of the below ground seawall about to start.

The $800,000 seawall project, being carried out by Yarnell Civil and Construction, includes:

  • construction of a significant below ground seawall in front of the new surf club building and restaurants, to protect against forecast storm surges and a rise in sea level; and
  • remedial repairs to the groyne at the south end of City Beach.

Yarnell have moved onto the site and, after establishing fencing and the site office, will start work on the seawall.

It's expected the seawall will be finished in July 2014 and repairs to the groyne by mid-August 2014. 

About the works

The construction of the seawall will require a major excavation of the beach in front of the new Surf Club Building and Commercial Development site.

The seawall is 165 metres long and will be built in three consecutive stages. The very large trench being dug to accommodate the seawall will vary in width from 11 to 16 metres, and will be 6.5 metres deep.

The seawall will be constructed of granite boulders, each weighing an average 5 tonnes (or approximately 1.5 metres in diameter), trucked in from a Northam quarry.

Once the wall has been built the trench will be filled in and the beach returned to its original condition. The seawall won't be visible as it sits at least half a metre below the surface of the beach and will only be exposed in the event of a significant storm surge or possible sea level rise in the future.

The seawall is being built as a condition of planning approval by the State Government, in accordance with its Planning Policy 2.6, which specifically relates to coastal engineering.

See below artist impressions of aerial and cross-section views of the seawall construction.

 pdf.png   Artist impressions - Seawall

Yarnell will also carry out remedial maintenance of the southern groyne, which will be closed during the works.

December 2013 - Council gives green light to $18m City Beach transformation

The City Beach redevelopment is well and truly underway with Council agreeing to advertise tenders for construction of the project and two of three restaurant leases signed by the new tenants.

Read the City Beach news article to learn more about these recent announcements and meet the new City Beach tenants.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has also given planning approval to the project, with construction activity on site anticipated to commence at the end of March 2014.

A recent artist impression of two restuarants in the City Beach Development (viewed from the beach) can be viewed below.

pdf.png   City Beach Development - Restaurants

July 2013 - Precinct designs lodged for planning approval

Designs for the City Beach development have progressed to the stage where a formal application for planning approval has been lodged with the Western Australian Planning Commission.

As part of the planning approval process the Town invited the community to comment on the design drawings and relevant reports.  The comment period ended on 14 August 2013.

View City Beach development design drawings and reports by selecting the links below.



February 2013 - Lotterywest Grant bolsters surf club building fund

On Monday, 4 February Lotterywest announced the City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club had been successful in securing a grant to contribute to the cost of the new surf club building at City Beach.

A significant $950,000 was awarded to the club, to provide a contribution towards the cost of constructiing the new surf club building and to cover the fit-out costs.

January 2013 - State Government funding secured for new surf club building

In mid January the Town of Cambridge received advice it's funding application to the State Government, under it's Community Sporting and Recreational Facilities Fund (CSRFF), had been successful.

The State's contribution of $950,000 will go towards the cost of building the new City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club building.

The Town's contribution towards the building costs of the new surf club will be $4.5 million - the largest single contribution ever made by a Perth metropolitan Council to a surf club.

October 2012 - Feedback on concept designs considered

Council, at its September 2012 meeting, considered community feedback on the concept designs for the Surf Club and Commercial Development at City Beach.

Forty two (42) submissions were received in response to three specific questions put to the community for feedback.  The questions and measures of support are listed below:

  Question  Supportive Conditional
 No Answer
What do you think about the proposal to build food and beverage outlets to create an area where people can go for a meal and/or drink in a relaxed environment?





What do you think about the proposal to improve the recreation space at City Beach by creating a new landscaped area where beachgoers can enjoy a picnic or passive recreation? 





How do you feel about the surf club building space comprising elements 'under' the landscaped recreation area whilst still having primary connection to the beach?






Following discussion, Council decided that:-

  1. this report into community feedback on endorsed concept of the Surf Club Building and Commercial Development at City Beach Concept be noted;
  2. design continue on the basis of the surf club leased space being 1,610m2 of enclosed area;
  3. an appropriately qualified consultant be appointed to produce an independent assessment on the impact of wind, salt spray and sand movement on the surf club building;
  4. the public toilets at beach level remain generally as shown in the concept plans;
  5. dedicated surf club parking areas not be included in the scope of this project;
  6. necessary planning studies commence, including coastal engineering and traffic and parking;
  7. the road on the east side of the restaurants to be a pedestrian friendly service road and set down area without parking;
  8. the capacity of the commercial/restaurant space be reduced by approximately 20%; and
  9. the respondents be advised of the outcome of this report.

To view the full council report select the document link below.

July 2012 - Concept designs prepared and feedback invited

Work on the Surf Club and Commercial Development at City Beach is progressing and is now at  the stage where concept designs have been prepared and feedback from the public is being sought.

This major project will significantly enhance the City Beach beachfront precinct with the proposed development of:

  • a blend of new dining options, improved leisure spaces and a new surf club building, all in keeping with the low rise style of City Beach.
  • pedestrian and cycle paths that link all sections of the beachfront.
  • three distinct food and beverage buildings offering a range of dining options that cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Patrons of the eateries will enjoy panoramic views of the ocean from within the buildings as well as from the weather protected al fresco dining areas.
  • large landscaped lawn spaces with shade trees, seating and facilities - where people can gather and enjoy the outdoors.
  •  surf club building built at beach level, with access from the landscaped upper level and the beach.

The cost of the project is expected to be around $13.4m; $5.8m for the new surf club building, $4.4m for the food and beverage outlets and $3.2m for public open spaces, toilets, landscaping, car parks and road works.

Funding for the works will come from the Town's endowment lands account ($12.1m) with an additional $1.3m anticipated to come from a combination of grant funds and surf club contributions.

It's expected revenue from the commercial facilities rental returns will , over time, return capital of $6.65m to the endowment lands account.  This represents the cost of the commercial buildings plus 50% of the Town's contributions to the surf club building. 

February 2012 - Council endorses concept to revitalise City Beach and redevelop Surf Club

The Town of Cambridge recently endorsed a concept to revitalise City Beach and redevelop the City of Perth Surf Lifesaving Club (COPSLC) building.

Council saw the opportunity to not only upgrade the outdated surf club building but to include restaurants and parkland following demand to improve the area.

Read the project's history and past reports.

Improvements include:

  • redeveloped Surf Club located on the beach to allow surf clubs to carry out tasks on the beach;
  • restaurants that front the street allowing patrons a better view of the precinct;
  • a lookout overlooking the beach;
  • landscaped area - provides somewhere for the community to recreate; and
  • an improved amphitheatre complete with weather protection.

The project is anticipated to cost $10million, including ancillary works. Construction is expected to commence in 2013 and will take 12 to 18 months to finish.

Appointed architects Christou Design Group have developed some preliminary designs to showcase how the area could best be used to see City Beach turned into a parkland and restaurant precinct complete with an iconic surf club building. Design maximises views and ensures low-rise buildings are secondary to the coastal landscape.

These designs however aren't final and are subject to further studies and a community consultation phase.

Now architects and specialists will begin to investigate and determine types of commercial facilities that could be built and variables such as possible size, variety and opening hours.

Investigations will also be undertaken as to how the surf club and other public and community facilities will contribute to the look and feel of City Beach which will result in the project's scope and budget. The proposed scope and budget will be presented to Council to seek final design and construction approval.

During this initial phase community consultation will also be undertaken.

Read the media release here. 

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png  Download City Beach Development brochure 

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