Former Nursery Site, Salvado Road, Jolimont


 Former Nursery site in Salvado Road, Jolimont nestled between the Wembley Sports Park (left) and Henderson Park (right)


The Town of Cambridge owns a parcel of land commonly known as the Former Nursery Site.

Located on Salvado Road in Jolimont this land was previously owned and used by the City of Perth as a plant nursery.  It stopped being used when the Town of Cambridge was created in 1995.

The land is part of a much larger titled piece of land encompassing Henderson Park, Matthews Netball Centre and Pat Goodridge Reserve. Whilst Henderson Park, Matthews Netball Centre and Pat Goodridge Reserve are classified as Parks and Reserves under the Metropolitan Region Scheme, the Former Nursery Site is zoned Urban, suitable for residential development.

The Town believes it's appropriate the Former Nursery Site be developed for residential purposes in line with the State Government's Directions 2031 Planning Policy for Perth, and the Town's objective of creating communities of choice.

For this development to occur, agreement must be reached with the State Government because of a Trust condition in place over the whole site, which provides that the land is endowed to the Town to be used for Municipal Purposes. The removal of this trust condition, only over the Former Nursery Site, will enable development.

Progress Reports

February 2015

The Outline Development Plan was adopted by Council at its meeting dated 24 February 2015 and has been submitted to the WA Planning Commission to be endorsed. The strategic plan provides a general framework for subdivision and development within the subject area. Design Guidelines for future development are currently being prepared and will be presented to Council in the upcoming months for the purposes of advertising.

December 2014

Following close of the public comment period the Outline Development Plan has been submitted to the WA Planning Commission for approva.

November 2014 - Comment invited on Outline Development Plan

Public comment is invited on an Outline Development Plan (ODP) which has been prepared for the 'Residential' zoned portion of Lot 520 (189) Salvado Road, Jolimont, commonly known as the Former Nursery Site. Visit the Outline Development Plan page for more. 

October 2013 - Approval sought for amendment to Town Planning Scheme

Council endorsed a proposed amendment to the Town Planning Scheme (TPS) to set in place approvals to have the Nursery Site zoned as Residential. This approval is now being sought from the Minister for Planning.

Read the full Council report here.

LandCorp will now also progress in the coming months,  planning for the site to develop what is called an Outline Development Plan (ODP). This ODP describes the high level proposed layout of the site with major features (roads, lots, landscaping buffers etc) as well as site servicing issues. The community will be invited to comment on the draft ODP before it is formally adopted.

August 2012 - Agreement reached

In August 2012 the Town and State Government agreed on a process that would allow the project to proceed, with LandCorp acting on behalf of the Town and State to plan, develop and market the Former Nursery site.

View a press release announcing the agreement - Agreement signals nursery site development


On 8 August 2012 (L-R) Minister Bill Marmion, Cambridge mayor Simon Withers, Landcorp GM Luke Willcock and Cambridge CEO Jason Buckley meet on the Former Nursery site in Jolimont to announce an agreement has been reached on its development. 

August 2012 - The process begins

To begin the process the Town of Cambridge must undertake a Business Plan for the disposition of the land.

A Business Plan for Major Land Transaction has been prepared and advertised for public comment:

  • Post Newspaper - edition 31 August 2012
  • West Australian Newspaper - edition 1 September 2012
  • Western Suburbs Weekly - edition 4 September 2012


  Download Business Plan

The comment period for the Business Plan closed at 5pm on Monday, 15 October 2012.

October 2012 - Business Plan adopted by Council

The Business Plan for the major land transaction, and submissions received from the period of public consultation, was considered by Councl at it's meeting held on 23 October 2012.

View the report and attachment below.


 10.1 - Former Nursery site - Business Plan for Major Land Transaction


 Attachment to 10.1 - Former Nursery site - Business Plan for Major Land Transaction

The Business Plan was adopted by Council at the October 2012 Council meeting and works are now progressing to develop a formal agreement with Landcorp for the development of the site.

Last Updated: 18/03/2015