Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan


About the Quarry Amphitheatre

Built in 1985, the Town of Cambridge owned Quarry Amphitheatre is an iconic outdoor entertainment venue perched high on Reabold Hill in Floreat.

In its natural bushland setting The Quarry can seat for up to 556 guests on grassed terraces, all of whom will marvel at the soaring limestone walls and breathtaking views across the city and beyond.

Visitors are treated to a delightfully intimate and informal atmosphere - the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the many events staged during the performance season that runs from November to March each year.

The Quarry is licensed with a selection of delicious food hampers available.  If preferred patrons are most welcome to bring along their own food and beverages.  The Quarry Amphitheatre is also available for hire for corporate and social events, including weddings.


Background to the Concept Master Plan development

Due to the age of the Quarry Amphitheatre it has been recognised for some time that elements of the facility are in need of remedial work.

To address this a Feasibility Study was conducted by consultants Hames Sharley in 2011, to determine the feasibilty of the facility and to identify improvement opportunities.  Received by Council in 2011 the study indentified required maintenance and minor capital works but did not provide a vision for any major works.

In May 2012 the Town appointed architects Cox Howlett and Bailey together with specialist theatre consultant Mr Graham Walne to undertake a design review and develop a Concept Master Plan, with a staged approach to the proposed works.

The Concept Master Plan was presented to Council in November 2012 resulting in the following Council decision:


(i) the Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan be endorsed, subject to the outcome of the Community Consultation Process;

(ii) sources of grant funding be investigated;

(iii) community consultation on the Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan be commenced and conclude on 15 February 2013 with a notation included that the Master Plan is currently unfunded and is subject to the sourcing of funds; and

(iv) a further report be presented on (ii) and (iii) above, stage surface/design analysis and financial modelling.


   Download the full Council report CR12.178 Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan here.


Progress Report - October 2013

At the May 2013 Council meeting authority to appoint contractors to undertake the stage renewal, lighting and power upgrade works was delegated to the Chief Executive Officer.

A tender for the stage renewal works was subsequently advertised and Hyde and Sons appointed to undertake the works.  This works were completed in the first week of October in time for the start of the 2013/14 performance season. 

Enlarge the image of the new stage by selecting the thumbnail below.



The tender to upgrade power has also been awarded with work to commence in early 2014.

The tender for the lighting towers/ground support is currently being assessed.  It's expected a tenderer will be appointed in time for works to start in early 2014.

All works in this stage of the Master Plan should be complete by mid 2014.


Progress Report - April 2013

A public consultation was undertaken in February 2013, the results of which were reported to Council in April 2013.

At the April meeting Council agreed to appoint  Architects Cox/Howlett/Bailey to undertake detailed design and tender documentation for the strengthening of the concrete slab/new stage surface and lighting towers/ground support and modifications to electrical infrastructure.

The meeting also agreed that tenders be called for concrete slab/new stage surface, lighting towers/ground support and modifcations to electricial infrastructure, and an amount of $580,000 be included in the 2013/14 draft budget.



The Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan

Some key facts to consider with respect to the Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan:
  • Council does not have a 'Do Nothing' option - the facility is 27 years old and in need of remedial work.
  • Making the most of the opportunities - the research required for the remedial work has highlighted an opportunity to enhance the facilities at the Quarry.  These opportunities include:
    • increased seating capacity;
    • upgraded technical facilities;
    • improved access and storage;
    • new toilets and front of house facilities;
    • a new picnic area; and
    • increased parking.
  • Maintaining key parameters - in producing the Concept Master Plan the design team was, and will continue to be, mindful of the critical characteristics of the Quarry Amphitheatre.  These features include its unique ambience and historic connections, and the design team will seek to balance these aspects with increased seating capacity and better access.
  • Overall aim of the project - to ensure all aspects of the design result in optimum venue usage and financial viability.
  • No firm decisions have been made yet - the Council endorsed the Concept Master Plan but further action on this plan is subject to the outcomes of Community Consultation and financial considerations.
  • Funding - the Concept Master Plan is currently unfunded and approval of any works will be subject to sourcing funding.  However, the plan provides the opportunity to apply for grant funding to assist in achieving the upgrade.
  • Making sure the capital cost estimates are accurate - studies by two architectural practices (and quantity surveyors) have provided schedules of cost estimates of the work described in the Concept Master Plan.  The most recent cost estimate is a total project cost of approximately $6 million.  Cost estimates will be updated and tested at each stage of the project.


Download the complete Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan below.

Due to the size, and for ease of download, the document it has been split into individual sections (Note: Section 5 was not listed in the Master Plan document).  Scroll down for a gallery of plans and 3D images.






























Quarry Amphitheatre Concept Master Plan - Plans and 3D images of stages

*Select the image to view larger version.

Stage 1 - Plan 


Stage 1 - 3D Image 


 Stage 1A - Plan 


Stage 1A - 3D Image 


 Stage 2 - Plan 


Stage 2 - 3D Image 


All 3 Stages - Plan


All 3 Stage - 3D Image 


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