Wembley Golf Course Redevelopment


Artist impression of the proposed hospitality development at the Wembley Golf Course 

For several years the Wembley Golf Course has been the subject of extensive redevelopment.

The first project to be completed was the construction of a state-of-the-art driving range, 'The Swing', which opened in August 2010.

The next stage of the project is provision of upgraded hospitality facilitities.

This phase commenced with the April 2012 appointment of architects Gresley Abas, engaged to design a range of new hospitality facilities.

Keep up-to-date with with the latest developments at Wembley Golf Course with regular progress reports posted below.



Progress Report 7 - June 2014

Interested community members are now invited to make comment on the Business Plan for Major Land Transaction - Hospitality Development at Wembley Golf Course.

Prepared by the Town, the Plan discusses the proposed leases of the new facilities at Wembley Golf Course.

The Business Plan is available to view here.

Submissions are to be lodged with the Town before 5pm on Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All enquiries regarding the Plan should be directed to the Town's Director Projects, Brett Jackson on 9347 6000.



Progress Report 6 - September 2013

After direct contact with nearly 10,000 households close to Wembley Golf Course and 7,500 customers of the Wembley Golf Course, plus public notices to invite feedback regarding the proposed design , the Town received nearly 380 completed questionnaires or submissions.

Council considered the feedback in a report submitted at its 24 September 2013 meeting and determined:

(i)      this report into community feedback on the endorsed concept of the Hospitality Development at Wembley Golf Course Concept be noted;

(ii)    space be allocated for display of social golf club memorabilia, managed by agreement between the hospitality operator, Wembley Golf Course management and the respective clubs;

(iii)   assessment criteria for selection of the hospitality operator includes proposals for dealing with the needs for social golf clubs;

(iv)  access to meeting rooms for social golf clubs be resolved between the relevant users and the hospitality operator, noting that the operator would recognise the commercial value of these groups;

(v)    the Town will not be providing a dedicated social club meeting room that cannot be used for other purposes;

(vi)  the concept plan be approved and design works continue (inclusive of miniature golf facility and playground) to develop final plans and costings for Council to approve prior to calling tenders for construction; and

(vii) regulatory planning approval be sought.

The Council Report and Analysis of Consultation is available to download below.

pdf.png   CR.122 Wembley Golf Course Concept Design - Outcome of Community Consultation

The Town will now progress the design to develop final plans and costings before seeking approval to call tenders for construction.



Progress Report 5 - July 2013

The Town has progressed design concepts and has determined that a single storey development (with undercroft service area) has better outcomes for the Town, customers and the operator of the facility.

The community has been invited to comment on this proposed concept which is explained in detail below.

The Town of Cambridge is looking to transform the Wembley Golf Course into an inviting family friendly centre complete with new hospitality facilities and an exciting new miniature golf course suitable for all ages.

What is the Plan?

Redeveloping the hospitality precinct at the golf course will mean:

Demolishing the old tavern

  • Building a new single level hospitality precinct comprising:
    • a modern, stylish restaurant and bar
    • function centre
    • kiosk
    • golfer change rooms
  • Establishing a state-of-the-art landscaped miniature golf facility, suitable for all ages.

Why redevelop the facilities?

  • The existing facilities are tired, out-dated and need to be modernised
  • Refurbishing will be expensive and won't provide any extra functionality
  • Replacing the facilities presents an opportunity to deliver a precinct that will appeal to golfers, families and the broader community
  • Miniature golf will open up the course to more of the community and is a great way to promote the game of golf to the next generation
  • The development is aimed at improving the financial performance of the golf course for the benefit of the Town's ratepayers

How much will it cost?

The project is expected to cost around $11 million, made up of:

  • $8.2m building works
  • $1.5m external works - landscaping, services and car park extension
  • $1.3 landscaped miniature golf facility

When will it happen?

  • No funding has been allocated to the development at this stage
  • The development will be assessed for funding against other Town of Cambridge projects currently in the planning phase
  • No timeline for these works can be established until funding is secured
  • The project will only proceed if deemed commercially viable for the Town and the operator (to be appointed).

 Download the Hospitality Development at Wembley Golf Course information brochure here.


The comment period for the design concepts closed on 15 July 2013.



Progress Report 4 - August 2012

The survey of nearby residents and golfers provided valuable insights into what facilities people would like to see at Wembley Golf Course. Our design team is currently resolving a schematic design of the proposed facilities.

The survey results which were used for this guidance can be found here.


  Download WGC survey results report



Progress Report 3 - May 2012

The design team recently conducted a survey of golfers, and residents living in the immediate vicinity of the golf course, inviting their feedback on the concept deisgn and any suggestions they may have for facilites to be included in the next stage of development at Wembley.

The survey was well received with over 500 respondents, supporting many of the ideas put forward in the concept design including the need to improve the food and beverage offerings at the course.

Residents, in particular, were keen to see a cafe/bistro developed that they could use.

For participating in the survey a $100 Swing Driving Range gift voucher was offered as a prize with the lucky winner being Mr Brad Schultz.

Concepts are now being developed and, when complete, will be displayed for further community consultation.

Some respondents also took the opportunity to provide feedback on the golf course in general, including the current food and beverage facilities.

Cambrige appreciates the feedback and will immediately review these matters to improve our service.



Progress Report 2 - April 2012

Cambridge has appointed GresleyAbas Architects to design the new facilities.

Planning and investigation will be undertaken over the next five months before a recommendation is put to Council on the scale and nature of this next phase of development.

The architects will be supported by specialist consultants who will provide guidance regarding hospitality and other facilites to be developed.



Progress Report 1 - Planning for hospitality upgrade in full swing

The next stage of the Wembley Golf Course development will involve an overhaul of the hospitality facilities for both golfers and non-golfers alike. Planning is in full swing for improved food and beverage facilities which may include:

  • a bistro/café or restaurant;
  • a bar;
  • a kiosk; and
  • function room space.

Improvements to golfer amenities and change rooms are also being planned.

The major focus in the planning and design of the hospitality outlets is to capture the tremendous views provided by the course location.

The upgrades will make the Wembley Golf Course a place local residents can visit for a meal as well as where golfers can enjoy an impressive range of food and beverage outlets before and after their game.

Further investigation is underway researching additional leisure and complementary facilities which could be provided to meet demand.



Completed Works - All about The Swing

After five years of extensive research into driving range development, the $12million 'The Swing' opened in August 2010.

The development was officially opened by Mayor Simon Withers, with support from golf professional Nick O'Hern on 25 November 2010.

A $12 million course upgrade endorsed by Council in April 2009 has paved the way for the development of The Swing Driving Range - the largest driving range in the southern hemisphere.

The two storey, 80-bay driving range comes complete with touch screens that allow patrons to adjust the tee-height, with golf balls automatically being re-teed every six seconds. The Swing has a state-of-the-art teaching room featuring launch monitors and putting analysis so patrons can refine their swing. There are also outdoor chipping greens available for practice.

Other features of The Swing include radio frequency identification cards and a Central Control System to record usage patterns. A central piazza has been created with an alfresco area for over 200 patrons. 

To support these improvements a new entry road and additional carparking has been provided.

The Swing View Function Room was built and is available for hire for social or corporate events along with a redeveloped Golf Shop.

Opening media release        View the Official Opening media release



Visit the Golf Course

For more information or to book a game on-line, visit the Wembley Golf Course website.



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