Council policies enable efficient council resource management and to assist staff to achieve an equitable and transparent decision making process.

Written policies enable the community to be aware of the reasoning behind administrative and council decisions while being familiar with the philosophy behind individual decisions. Policy statements enable much of the day-to-day business of Council to be handled by the administration, freeing up the time of elected members in determining major policy and resource allocation issues.

A policy statement isn't binding to Council but provides a guideline for elected members and staff in determining individual applications or requests. Generally, policies evolve as issues come before Council and should continue to evolve through a process of review and refinement. For this reason, it's important a review process is in place. The policies in this manual are all subject to review on a regular basis. It's also possible for members of the community to seek an early review of a specific policy.

The Policy Manual forms part of the Town's public documentation and is available for public inspection during office hours, at the council office, on request.

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Last Updated: 19/01/2017