Public Notices


Website outage  - 01 August 2016
The Town of Cambridge website will be unavailable between 5am and 12 noon on Sunday, 31 July 2016.

Weed spraying program  - 12 August 2016
From Monday, 1 August the Town of Cambridge will be applying selective herbicides to sportsgrounds, parks and road reserves to control weeds such as bindii, clover and flatweed.

Bold Park pool heating issue  - 31 August 2016
The 50m outdoor pool at Bold Park Aquatic is not heating to the desired temperature.

Town Planning Scheme No.1 - Amendement 32  - 06 September 2016
Notice is given for public information, that the Minister for Planning approved the Town of Cambridge Town Planning Scheme No. 1 - Amendement 32.

Local Laws 2016 - Proposed  - 14 September 2016
Pursuant to section 3.12(3)(a) of the Local Government Act 1995, the Town of Cambridge proposes five new local laws.

Adoption of Parking Local Law 2016  - 14 September 2016
Cambridge Council has resolved to adopted Town of Cambridge Parking Local Law 2016.

Winter sprinkler ban
Each winter there is a full sprinkler ban in Perth, to reduce water usage and conserve our supply.

Infill sewerage for City Beach
Residential lots in City Beach will be connected to the central wastewater system between July 2016 and July 2017.

2016 Community Group/Organisation Survey
The Town of Cambridge is assessing the needs of local community groups/organisations and updating its community groups database.

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