Clever Buoy Trial at City Beach

Closing date for this notice:   31 March 2017


Your feedback is invited on a Western Australian Government trial of Clever Buoy, a shark detection and notification system currently in operation at City Beach.

Until the end of March 2017 from 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, the water between City and Floreat beach groynes will be monitored by Clever Buoy, with detections of sharks relayed to the lifeguards on the beach.

How Clever Buoy works

Clever Buoy, invented by Perth-based company Shark Mitigation Systems (SMS), uses a combination of sonar, surface buoys and specialised software to detect and identify objects moving through the water.

Multi-beam sonar transducers mounted on the ocean floor, link to solar-powered surface buoys to detect movements, which are then analysed by software to determine the objects' probability of being a shark. If the movements identify the object as a shark, information is transmitted to lifeguards on the beach advising them of the location.

City Beach Trial

The three-month, $500,000 trial of the Clever Buoy, is part of the State Government's $33 million investment in shark hazard mitigation strategy since 2008.

The trial involves the placement of sonars on the sea bed, positioned around 60 metres apart between the two groynes.  Located within 350 metres of the shore, each sonar unit can detect movement up to 80 metres.

The system has been configured to notify of any shark, two metres or greater in length.

Any detection will be relayed via mobile devices supplied by SMS to duty lifeguards and surf club volunteer beach captains.  Detections will likely trigger the closure of City Beach and beaches within one kilometre either side for one hour.

The presence of Clever Buoy at City Beach is not a guarantee against shark attack and people must take responsibility for their own safety when entering the water.

Feedback Invited

During the trial period the Town of Cambridge is inviting interested community members to help evaluate Clever Buoy by completing a brief survey.

Complete the Clever Buoy Survey here.

More information

Visit the SharkSmart website.