Dog Awareness Program

Dog Awareness Program

The focus of of the Dog Awareness Program is to educate primary school children on the importance of safety awareness when coming into contact with dogs. 

The course will assist in raising awareness in young students relating to how to avoid dog bites and the responsibilities of dog ownership. It will also provide an opportunity to demonstrate the use of a ranger vehicle and associated equipment.

While it's an education experience this workshop is also fun for school children.

pdf.png   Dog Awareness Program brochure

Some of the topics raised are:

  • never approach an unfamiliar dog;
  • make sure an adult is with you when a dog is around;
  • stay away from a dog when he/she is eating, sleeping or caring for puppies;
  • never stare a dog in the eyes, he might see this as a threat;
  • never tease a dog, play rough, take a toy/bone or make him/her angry; and
  • never pat a strange dog.

If you're a school teacher wishing to book a Dog Awareness Training session  simply complete the online form below.


  Dog Awareness Program
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Last Updated: 19/09/2013