Guide to Clubs - Building Maintenance

The Guide to Clubs - Building Maintenance has been developed to provide clubs with:

  • easy to follow maintenance process flow diagrams;
  • useful contacts for trades and council officers;
  • important forms and procedures; and
  • information on the maintenance funds and funding opportunities.

This guide has been developed as an outcome of the Community Facilities Policy adopted by Council in April 2011.  For further information on this policy and how it was formulated visit the Community Facilities Policy page.


If you only wish to download a specific page from the Guide to Clubs, select the page you need from the list below.

Maintenance Processes

These flow diagrams provide a simple step-by-step guide to the various maintenance processes.


   Download Planned Maintenance Process


   Download Minor Maintenance Process


   Download Emergency Maintenance Process



Use these contact lists to locate a preferred trade or service provider.


   Download Contacts - Preferred Trades and Services


Forms and procedures

The Town requires contact information for all key club members to be kept up-to-date.  If there is a change to the key club member/s please download and complete the form below.


   Download Change to Key Club Member Contact Details form

 To ensure insurance matters are handled quickly and efficiently an insurance claim procedure and property claim form are available for download below.


   Download Insurance Claim Procedure

 Please note, before completing the Property Claim Form it is important to read What to do in the vent of Loss or Damage to your Property (the last page of  the Property Claim form).


   Download Property Claim form

 For easy reference to the specific maintenance obligations of the club/association and the Town a Maintenance Obligations - Town and Association list has been prepared.


   Download Maintenance Obligations - Town and Association


The Maintenance Fund explained

Three individual funds, each addressing a separate area of maintenance, are contained within the Maintenance Fund.  These are the General Building Maintenance Fund, the Synthetic Playing Surfaces and Lighting Renewal Fund, and the Car Park, Fences and Surrounds Maintenance Fund.

To see how the three funds work download the information sheets below.


   Download General_Building_Maintenance_Fund 


   Download Synthetic Playing Surfaces and Lighting Renewal Fund


   Download Car Park, Fences and Surrounds Maintenance Fund


Funding Opportunities

There are a number of grant programs available through the Department of Sport and Recreation, and the Town can offer assistance and guidance to clubs wishing to apply for these grants.

A general information sheet has been provided for reference to funding available and which projects will be considered.


   Download Community Sporting and Recreation Grant Funding

Last Updated: 17/01/2017