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Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch program delivers the following benefits:

  • free crime deterrent information;
  • crime deterrent stickers and signage for your valuables, home and street;
  • free loan of an electric property engraver to mark your valuables;
  • e-mail crime alerts and suspicious activity reporting through Neighbourhood Watch online;
  • a great way to get to know your neighbours; and
  • no commitment of time or resources on your part.

Telephone 9347 6000 or email for further information.

Engrave Valuables

Engraving your valuables is important because:

  • it acts as a strong visual deterrent against theft and crime at the home;
  • engraving makes valuable items harder for a to sell or exchange for a thief;
  • will assist police to return your valuables if they are lost or stolen; and
  • engraving and photographing valuables will assist in insurance matters in the event of a theft.

Electric engravers are available for free loan from Cambridge Library and Wembley Police Station.

Last Updated: 13/08/2013