Parking Permits

Single Homes

A maximum of two residential parking permits may be issued to a single house if there's no parking on the property.  The number of residential parking permits is reduced by one for every parking space on that property.

Generally the occupier of each home receives two visitors parking permits, unless there's limited parking on-street, in which case one or no permits are issued.

Flats/units/apartments (more than six)

Complexes of more than six units/flats/apartments are not issued with residential parking permits. 

Visitors parking permits aren't issued to each unit; instead, the Body Corporate or Strata Manager is issued with a limited number of permits for distribution and use by residents.  Factors limiting the number of visitors parking permits is the amount of on-site visitor parking and the availability of on-street parking.

Flats/units/apartments (six or less)

Complexes of six or less units are in the same category as single homes.  However, the number of permits issued is limited by the availability of on-site and on-street parking. Generally, the occupier of each unit is issued with one residential permit and perhaps one visitors permit. 

Every application is assessed on the individual circumstances of the property.  No guarantees are given that each applicant will receive the number of permits applied for.  Parking permits are issued at the discretion of the administration.   

*Please note permits that have been stolen or have been issued to people who have moved away are cancelled and can't be used.  A fee applies for the issue of replacement permits.

Download an application form below to obtain parking permits for residential and visitor use

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Commercial Parking Permits

Commercial parking permits are available to businesses who have no more than three car parking bays on their property; restricted to vehicles up to one-tonne in weight and six-metres in length.


  Application for Commercial Parking Permit


Last Updated: 21/12/2016