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Parking Infringements

Parking infringements are issued when a vehicle is parked contrary to displayed parking restriction signs or contravenes regulations detailed in the Town's Parking Local Law 2001 (available below).  To safeguard against parking in a way that contravenes the Town's regulations refer to the information outlined below. 


   Parking Local Law

If you have received an infringement that you believe has been incorrectly issued, an appeal process is available.  Visit our Parking Infringement Appeal  page for further information on the appeal process.


Parking restrictions and regulations

Parking restrictions in any street are displayed on signs set into the verge or near the edge of the kerb. Always check for parking information/restriction signs before leaving your vehicle.

At times special arrangements may be made for sporting, other events or construction sites. On these occasions, 'NO  PARKING' or 'WORK ZONE' signs will be placed in the area where parking is prohibited. These signs override any other signs in the area. Where several signs are located on the same pole always read the top sign first; this indicates additional restrictions.

Red and white signs indicate when parking or standing is prohibited. Green and white signs indicate times when parking is permitted, time limit allowed and if tickets have to be purchased. 

  • It pays to stay within the bays

             Where parking bays are marked on the surface of car parks or on a street, parking is only permitted within 
             these marked bays.  Parking over marked lines is an offence.

  • Time Restrictions

             Where time restrictions apply, it's an offence to park your vehicle beyond the specified time. When the 
             permitted time limit has expired, the vehicle must be removed from the area for not less than one hour. It's 
             an offence to return to any side of that same section of road within one hour.

  • Road Markings

             Motorists must comply with parking restrictions such as 'NO PARKING' or 'NO STOPPING'  that are marked 
             on the road surface. These are defined by yellow lines with the words stencilled on the road surface.

  • No Parking

             In 'NO PARKING' areas, a vehicle is only permitted to stop for sufficient time to allow passengers or goods to 
             be off-loaded. The vehicle can't be left unattended.

             'NO PARKING' signs bearing a particular type of vehicle, for example 'taxis' permit only the vehicles shown on 
             the sign to park during restricted periods.

  • No Stopping

             Vehicles may only stop in these zones to comply with other regulations (for example at traffic lights or to avoid 
             an accident).

  • Vehicles for Sale

              You can' t park or leave a vehicle on any portion of a roadway or verge, to display the vehicle for sale.

  • Keep 'Clearways' Clear

             During peak hour, (usually 7:30am to 9am and 4:15pm to 6pm) 'NO STOPPING' restrictions apply along major 
             roads. These are marked by 'CLEARWAY' signs attached to higher posts along the route.

  • Verge Parking

             Parking on verges is prohibited unless permission has been obtained from the adjacent owner or occupier of 
             the premises. Where signs are erected prohibiting verge parking, not even the adjacent owner or occupier of 
             the property is allowed to park on the verge. Verge areas that have been paved, or bituminised are classed as 
             footpaths therefore parking is prohibited.

  • Loading Zones

             Loading bays are marked by yellow continuous lines and are reserved for licensed commercial vehicles. 
             Commercial vehicles can only park during permitted periods.  Non-commercial vehicles aren't permitted to use
             these facilities at any time. 

  • Disabled Parking

             Only vehicles displaying a current registered ACROD PERMIT on the windscreen or dashboard are allowed to 
             park in bays reserved for the disabled. A plaque or sticker bearing a disabled emblem isn't valid.

            Signs in the area indicate bays that are for use by disabled people only and are marked with a BLUE sign 
            painted on the road surface.

            Authorised permit holders who don't require a wheelchair or walking frame can park in any bay within a car park 
            or street and still receive concessions, leaving the extra wide bays for those who need them.

            The Town allows holders of ACROD permits to park:

  • in street or kerbside time restricted areas for double the signposted time;
  • in street or kebside time restricted ticket parking areas for double the signposted time provided a ticket is
    purchased and displayed; and
  • in the ACROD parking bays at the West Leederville Town Hall car park for double the signposted time, free of

            Additional information on parking for the disabled can be found on our ACROD Permits page or contact ACROD 
            on (08) 9242 5544.

  • Motorcycle Parking

            Throughout the Town, bays are provided for motorcycles. It's an offence for vehicles other than motorcycles to 
            park in bays reserved for motorcycles.

            Motorcycles aren't permitted to double park and must be parked wholly within the boundaries of the motorcycle 

  • Parking on or over footpaths

             Parking on or over a footpath is prohibited and is subject to a heavy penalty.

  • Off-road vehicles

             The use of Off-Road Vehicles is not permitted in the Town of Cambridge. All Off-Road Vehicles require 
             registration under the Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act 1978 or under the Road Traffic Act, unless 
             used exclusively on private land. Persons committing offences under the Act are likely to receive on-the-spot 
             fines and may have their vehicle impounded.

             Rangers patrol all reserves to monitor this unauthorised activity.

  • Parking against traffic flow

             It's an offence to park a vehicle in a direction other than that of the moving traffic.

Contact us for further information on parking.

Last Updated: 13/08/2013