Pets and Animals


Pets make wonderful companions that bring great joy to many people's lives, so it's only fair that in return for their companionship and unconditional love all pets be cared for responsibly.

Recognising the importance of responsible pet ownership and care the Town developed an Animals Local Law, that can be downloaded below.


   Animals Local Law 

The Animals Local Law provides regulations for the keeping of dogs, cats, large animals, minature horses, pigs, poultry, pigeons and bees within the Town.

For additional information on specific species visit pages:

page-icon_copy.png  Cats

page-icon_copy.png  Dogs

page-icon_copy.png  Poultry and Pigeons

page-icon_copy.png  Wildlife

And with the abundance of native fauna in Cambridge it's important to realise dealing with these animals is quite different to dealing with domestic animals. If you come across a animal that requires help the Town's rangers or a certified wildlife handler may be able to assist.  . Animals2.jpg

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Last Updated: 07/10/2013