Sustainable Living


The Town of Cambridge values the natural environment and is constantly working towards maintaining and improving the air, water, biodiversity and other natural assets.

The Town's environmental mission is to achieve sustainability in our communities; this inherently relies on a healthy environment, happy people and a strong economy.

Specifically our Strategic Plan states:


To provide leadership and commitment in achieving sustainable, social, environmental and economic outcomes for the benefit of the local community.


We believe sustainability is integral to our business.

Sustainability projects are geared at working towards the long-term goals of sustainability in all areas of environment, community and economy, whilst recognising the essential interdependence of all three.

Take a look at some environmental initiatives below that are available through the Town. 

page-icon_copy.png   Sustainability Projects

page-icon_copy.png   Climate Change

page-icon_copy.png   TravelSmart

page-icon_copy.png   Biodiversity

page-icon_copy.png    Water

page-icon_copy.png    Waste

Last Updated: 07/10/2013