Sustainable Living

The definition sustainability can be broadly described as:

"Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

To reach this goal we may try to:

  • Reduce consumption of resources such as water and engery
  • Apply better building practices to reduce energy waste
  • Utilise more fuel efficient engines in vehicles
  • Encourage greater use of more sustainable transport modes; walking, cycling, public transport
  • Increase recycling of waste and purchasing items made from recycled materials
  • Protect our biodiversity

In other words, taking care of the planet while we're here and ensuring that we hand it on to our children in good shape.

One of the goals of our Strategic Community Plan states:

'council is environmentally responsible and leads by example.'

This goal is supported by strategies to conserve our flora and fauna, improve water and energy efficiency, minimise waste to landfill and increase recycling, prepare for climate change, promote our environmental achievements and encourage the community to minimise energy consumption, water use and waste.


Active projects

The Town employs 1.5 sustainability specific staff to help promote and instil environmentally sustainable practices in our corporate functions and to encourage residents to take up more sustainable lifestyles. The Town also employs a full time Waste Minimisation Officer.

There are a number of sustainability programs that the Town runs and it's easy to get involved. There are many ways you can make small changes that will lighten your environmental footprint and you can have fun doing it. Take a look at some of the Town's sustainable initiatives below.

Rewards for Residents: The Town in association with the Switch your thinking! program offers residents discounts on a range of sustainable products and services to assist them to save energy, water and waste.  

Sustainable Living Guide: This guide, accessible from the Town's website, provides a wealth of information and useful tips about daily living practices that can be modified to help the environment today and in the future. Small changes make a difference! 

Sustainable Schools Network  This project works with schools to help teachers engage our youth about sustainability topics. Small grants are available to interested schools.

Autumn and Spring Program: The Town offers a variety of garden workshops during autumn, a Native Plant Subsidy Scheme during May and worm farm and compost bin rebates from March to May. The spring program includes garden workshops and a Spade to Table event in conjunction with the West Leederville Community Garden.

Native Plant Subsidy Scheme: The scheme runs during the month of May and enables residents from WESROC Councils to purchase up to 80 local native seedlings for $1.50 each. The seedlings can be purchased from Apace Nursery in North Fremantle with proof of Residency.

Sustainable Spring celebrates all things sustainable! This sections shows the month's event calendar and information on how you get involved.

Worm Farm and Compost Bin Rebate: The rebate is offered to Town of Cambridge residents between March and May. Up to $80 is offered for a worm farm and up to $70 for a compost bin. The rebate is obtained by completing a rebate application form and attaching an original receipt. 

Schools and Community Solar Challenge: In partnership with the Switch your Thinking program and local business Clean NRG we are able to offer local schools the opportunity to participate in a project that enables your school to raise valuable funds while, at the same time, helping the environment.

Avaialble exclusively to primary schools in the Town of Cambridge, the Schools and Community Solar Challenge gives your school community the opportunity to:

  • Earn points redeemable for cash prizes and energy efficient products; and
  • Educate your community about renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse emission reductions.

Travel Smart: The Town encourages schools, the community and workplaces to choose sustainable transport options and reduce care dependence. Cycling and walking event days, cycling workshops, bike maintenance workshops, seniors' bus trips and public transport education sessions are offered to assist individuals travel more sustainably.

Planting Days: Two planting days are held each year. An Arbor Day planting is held for local primary school students on the first Friday in June each year and a National Tree Day planting is held annually on the last Sunday in July.

Other sustainable initiatives include participation in Western Regional Organisation of Councils (WESROC) environmental programs/initiatives, Garden Week held each year at Perry Lakes Reserve and maintaining our Waterwise Council status.

Community Groups

 The Town supports a number of community groups that you can get involved with including:

  • Cambridge Coastcare
  • Friends of Bold Park
  • Friends of Roscommon Park
  • The West Leederville Community Garden 

If you would like to know more, please take a closer look at our program areas below:

page-icon_copy.png   Climate Change

page-icon_copy.png   TravelSmart

page-icon_copy.png   Biodiversity

page-icon_copy.png    Water

page-icon_copy.png    Waste


Contact us if you would like to discuss how you can get involved. 

Last Updated: 11/02/2016