Man composting


Did you know that up to 70 per cent of household waste is organic material that can be composted?

The Town of Cambridge is encouraging residents to buy a compost bin or worm farm to help break down organic waste. You'll notice composting will also make your garden thrive!

Organic waste includes:

  • apple cores
  • fruit skins
  • lettuce
  • carrot skins
  • pumpkin skins
  • bean tips
  • cauliflower leaves

View the brochure below to get more composting tips!


   Download Composting brochure

Or why not give a worm farm a try!


   Download How to Worm Farm brochure

So instead of filling up your general waste bin with materials that can be re-directed back into the earth, think about composting your organic material.

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Last Updated: 11/08/2014