Sustainable Schools Network

Working with schools to help teachers engage our youth about sustainability topics is a key initiative at Cambridge.

The Sustainability Officer provides a teachers' forum known as the Sustainbale Schools Network (SSN) each term so like-minded teachers can collaborate and see what other schools are doing around sustainability and the environment.

Network meetings cover a range of subjects, helping teachers to locate resources, funding and other government and non-government programs that they don't have time to research.

The Sustainability Officer is also available to help teachers with  paperwork when applying for grants, completing external programs, reporting requirements and getting initiatives started in their local school community.

Of particular focus the SSN aims to have every school within the Town become:

Small grants are available by application to the Town each year. Contact us to speak to the Sustainability Officer for further information.

Cambridge also holds Arbor day each year in association with Cambridge Rotary and Birds Australia WA at Roscommon Reserve in Floreat. Schools are invited on a rotational basis to be part of this event where children get to experience this remnant bushland by taking a nature walk and spotting birds while learning to care for this valuable resource by planting local seedling species to be enjoyed by future generations.

Last Updated: 25/08/2014