What is TravelSmart?


TravelSmart is a successful Western Australian program overseen by the Department of Transport (DOT). TravelSmart is the name given to a series of programs which target individuals, school students and employees to make smarter, healthier and more environmentally friendly choices about how they travel.

TravelSmart works by encouraging and supporting people to change their travel habits towards walking, cycling, using public transport and carpooling. If people can change a few of their weekly car trips to alternative forms of travel, this will have a large impact on traffic congestion, air-quality and health.

The Town of Cambridge joined the TravelSmart program in 2009 and has been committed to the program ever since.


TravelSmart Guide

In partnership with The Department of Transport, the Town of Cambridge has recently updated the local TravelSmart guide.

The Cambridge Local TravelSmart Guide provides information about public transport routes and stops, on and off road bicycle routes, walking trails, water fountains, bike parking and local facilities such as supermarkets, delis and playgrounds.

The guide encourages people to get to know their local area and find their way around without needing a car.

View the TravelSmart Guide below.


Copies are available from Bold Park Aquatic Centre, Cambridge LibraryWembley Golf Course and all other Cambridge facilities.

Contact the Town's Sustainability Officer for more information.


Easy ways to be TravelSmart

Here are some ways in which you can travel smart:

  • allow your children to walk or ride their bike to school - there are some great TravelSmart programs to help;
  • use public transport for a night out - no Booze Bus worries;
  • ride your bike to the corner shop and put your shopping in a bike basket or panniers - no plastic bags needed!;
  • organise a roster with neighbours and take it in turns to drive the kids to school - or better still, take it in turns to walk with them;
  • work from home 1 day each week
  • ride a bike to work and get some fresh air - beats riding a bike in the gym;
  • pick up a colleague on the way to work and share petrol costs; and
  • use public transport to get to work and catch up on some light reading


Benefits of travelling smart

Being TravelSmart has many benefits for you, your community, and your environment including:

  • Saving money;
  • More time to do the things you enjoy;
  • Increased health from being physically active;
  • Reduced pollution;
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions which helps to slow global warming;
  • Less traffic, noise and pollution in local streets;
  • Safer streets (More 'eyes on the street' discourages local crime);
  • Fewer road incidents as there are fewer cars on the streets;
  • Greater contact between people and a rebuilding of a sense of community; and 
  • Helping local businesses - walking or cycling to your local businesses will help keep smaller shopping precincts alive.

To calculate your car emissions, try the Green Vehicle Guide. To calculate your full household emissions and learn about climate change visit the Carbon Neutral website.   For current TravelSmart events or more information about the initiative, visit the TravelSmart website.


Contact us for further information on TravelSmart in the Town of Cambridge.

Last Updated: 10/12/2014