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Waterwise Council Program

The Water Corporation and the Department of Water, with support from the International Councl for Local Environmental Iniciatives (ICLEI) - Local Governments for Sustainability, have developed a Waterwise Council Program. The aim of this program is to build a co-operative working relationship with local governments to improve water use efficiency in local governments and their communities.

Why have a Waterwise Council program?

Climate change and predictions of reduced water availability present significant challenges to those planning and managing our water resources.

Waterwise programs in other sectors have achieved substantial water savings in homes and gardens.  Since 2001, Waterwise campaigns and water restrictions have saved an average of 44 GL of scheme water each year.

Local governments are considered substantial water users and due to their high profile in a community, can be leaders in promoting efficient and effective water management.

What are the benefits of becoming a Waterwise Council?

Becoming a Waterwise Council will provide a number of benefits, including:

  • a better understanding of councils water use;
  • potential water and financial savings through improved efficiency;
  • specialist free Waterwise training courses for appropriate council staff;
  • access to Waterwise materials on water efficiency and conservation; and  
  • access to the Waterwise branding to promote the council as a sustainable water manager.

Take a tour of the websites below to learn more about conserving our precious resource ... water.

Visit the Department of Water's website for information about saving water.

Check out Being Waterwise on the Water Corporation's website for information on saving scheme water and waterwise programs for business, industry, schools and the community.

The ICLEI Water Campaign

The Town is proud to be a committed member of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Water Campaign. This program will assist Cambridge and the community to manage water resources in a sustainable manner for water quality and conservation.

The Water Campaign program is based on a series of 'Milestones' which Council works towards to achieve effective and efficient use of its water resources and these are:

  • Milestone 1 - Undertake a water consumption inventory and water quality checklist;
  • Milestone 2 - Establish a water consumption reduction goal and water quality improvement goal;
  • Milestone 3 - Develop and adopt a local action plan;
  • Milestone 4 - Implement policies and measures to work towards integrated water resource management; and
  • Milestone 5 - Monitor and report on water consumption reductions and water qaulity improvements.

Progression through these milestones has enabled Cambridge to set goals for reducing water consumption and increasing water quality in its own operations and also for the community.

The Town is proud to have achieved Milestone 4 in 2009 and is working towards Milestone 5 in 2013.

On a regional level the Town of Cambridge has joined forces with the Western Suburbs Regional Organisation of Councils (WESROC) to prepare and publish a regional water campaign action plan. From this initiative the group secured funding through the ICLEI Water Campaign Implementation Fund for conducting Water Sensitive Urban training for their staff.

In 2010 Cambridge was registered as a Waterwise Council. This program is developed by the Water Corporation and the Department of Water for Local Government for Sustainability.

Last Updated: 11/08/2014