driveway crossover

What is a crossover?

A crossover is the section of driveway that crosses the verge from the road edge to the property boundary.

To construct a new crossover, or repair an existing crossover, the property owner must arrange to have the works carried out and pay the full cost.

To find a list of contractors that carry out crossover construction, you can search the Yellow Pages, seek services advertised in newspapers or contact us.

Will Council contribute to the cost of crossover construction?

If the crossover is constructed in accordance with the Town's specifications, Cambridge will provide a subsidy towards the cost of the first standard crossover to a property.

The cost to replace an existing crossover will be subsidised if the Town agrees the crossover requires replacement.


   Download Vehicle Crossover Specification

New Crossovers

When constructing a new crossover to your property, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Lodge an Application for Crossover form with the prescribed fee of $44.

   Download Application for Crossover

  • A Technical Officer will inspect the site and provide a specification for the construction of the new crossover.
  • To apply for a subsidy advise the Town when the crossover has been completely constructed.

 Contact us for more information on crossovers. 


Last Updated: 07/10/2013