Neighbourhood Noises - What can you do?

If neighbourhood noise is a problem for you, there's a number of approaches you can take to alleviate the problem.

The first step is to try and solve the problem yourself by amicably talking it over with the person who is causing the noise; in most cases, they may not realise they're causing a disturbance and the problem is easily resolved.

In some cases, where an acceptable solution can't be achieved the Town's Environmental Health Services can be called on to help. Simply contact us to speak to an officer.

A Noise Complaint Form needs to be completed in full with all details/information provided to assist with the issue.Upon receipt of the complaint, an Environmental Health Officer will investigate the matter and attempt to resolve the problem without initiating any formal action.

In most cases, the complaint is resolved at this level. If the offender refuses to cooperate, noise measurements will be taken to determine compliance with regulations, and further action may be initiated as a result. 


Neighbourhood noise can come from a variety of sources.  See ways to tackle these differing issues on the Common Noise Sources page. 


How to be a considerate neighbour

The most important thing to do in creating a quieter environment is to be thoughtful.

If you know noise is going to be created that may disturb your neighbour, let them know beforehand.

People can generally cope with noise if they're aware of how long it will occur and have time to make alternative arrangements.

Remember to regularly service and maintain noise sources around your property. Vibrating parts such as in air-conditioning units can dramatically increase sound levels. Also keep your stereo volume down at a level which isn't intrusive to your neighbours.

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Last Updated: 15/11/2016