Your Verge

The verge is the piece of land between the property boundary and the road, and is controlled by the Town.

We encourage residents to maintain a verge that is safe, aesthetic and waterwise.

Our Road and Verges - Landscaping and Maintenance Policy provides guidelines on how to develop your verge.

You may be required to modify your verge if it does not comply with the policy, or is safety risk.


Landscaping the verge

You do not need approval to landscape the verge provided the Roads and Verges Landscaping and Maintenance Policy and the Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance guidelines are followed.


  Road and Verges - Landscaping and Maintenance Policy


  Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance Guidelines

Paving the verge

You need to apply for approval before paving the verge.  To apply, complete the application form below.


  Verge Development Application Form


Skip bins and waste containers on the verge

You do not need approval to place a skip bin or waste container on the verge however, for public safety, conditions apply.


 Skip Bin Conditions


Verge Permit

You must apply for a Verge Permit before:

  • you use the verge for temporary storage of building material; or
  • you excavate adjacent to a street or verge.
  • you install a gantry or scaffold on a verge.

adobe-acrobat-icon32.png   Verge Permit Application


Please call us on 9347 6000 if you need further information.



Last Updated: 26/02/2015