Your Verge

The verge is the section of the road reserve between the property boundary and the road kerb.

The road reserve is crown land under the control of Cambridge.

The Town has a policy for verge development to encourage property owners to maintain streetscapes that are safe, aesthetic and waterwise. The emphasis is to establish waterwise verges with one tree adjacent to each property.  Verges that don't comply with the policy or are a risk to public safety must be modified by the property owner.


Maintenance and Landscaping

Approval from the Town isn't required before any landscaping on the verge is undertaken as long as the guidelines presented in Policy No. 5.2.19 - 'Road Verges - Landscaping and Maintenance' are followed. View the policy below.


   Road and Verges - Landscaping and Maintenance

This Policy also refers to the Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance Guidelines which should also be taken into consideration.

All paving works requires Council approval prior to construction. Download a Verge Development application form below.


   Verge Development Application Form


Temporary placement of skip bins and waste containers on your verge

The Town no longer requires an application for skip bins and waste containers, however there are some conditions you need to follow for public safety reasons.  If the bin poses a risk to public safety, then Cambridge may request its relocation or immediate removal.

Skip Bin Conditions


Verge Permit Applications

Many construction sites within Cambridge have restricted or limited areas for the storage of building materials, so the verge may be the only alternative location to temporarily store building materials.

In other situations, a builder may need to excavate adjacent to a street or verge.

If it is proposed to use a verge for any of the above purposes, it is necessary to first obtain a "Verge Permit" from the Town so that precautions for public safety and convenience can be determined in association with the builder’s requirements.

adobe-acrobat-icon32.png   Verge Permit Application

Last Updated: 07/10/2013