Your Verge

The verge is the piece of land between the property boundary and the road, and is controlled by the Town.

We encourage residents to maintain a verge that is safe, aesthetic and waterwise.

Our Road and Verges - Landscaping and Maintenance Policy provides guidelines on how to develop your verge.

You may be required to modify your verge if it does not comply with the policy, or is safety risk.


Landscaping the verge

You do not need approval to landscape the verge provided the Roads and Verges Landscaping and Maintenance Policy and the Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance guidelines are followed.


  Road and Verges - Landscaping and Maintenance Policy


  Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance Guidelines


The Street Verge Landscape and Maintenance Guidelines for new residential estates was endorsed by Council in February 2016. The Guidelines are used to guide the management of verge landscaping at new residential estates including Perry Lakes, Ocean Mia, St Johns Wood and Jolimont Nursery during building construction, verge reinstatement following building works and verge maintenance following occupation of completed buildings.

pdf.png  Landscaping Maintenance for New Estates


In May each year we offer residents the opportunity to purchase up to 80 native seedlings per household at the subsidised price of $1.50 each.




Paving the verge

You need to apply for approval before paving the verge.  To apply, complete the application form below.


  Verge Development Application Form


Skip bins and waste containers on the verge

No approval is needed to place a skip bin or waste container on the verge however, conditions apply and these can be found on our Storing Builidng Materials page.


Verge Permits

Many construction sites within the Town of Cambridge have restricted or limited areas for the storage of building materials.

The verge may be the only alternative location to temporarily store building materials.

In other situations, a builder may need to excavate adjacent to a street or verge.

If it is proposed to use a verge for any of the above purposes, it's necessary to first obtain a Verge Permit Application from the Town so that precautions for public safety and convenience can be determined together with the builder’s requirements.

To apply for a permit, an application must be submitted and will need to justify the use of the verge.

When submitting your verge permit application, ensure you include:

  • A completed application form;
  • Two copies (in A3 format) of the building site plan indicating the verge area to be used for storage and/or excavation (scale 1:200 or 1:100);
  • Proposed location of appropriate security fencing, building materials (ie. bricks, sand, timber and steel etc) and bulk rubbish bin; and
  • The length of time for which the use of the verge is sought.

Additional information may be requested by the Town in certain circumstances.

Please NOTE:

  • Only bins that fully contain refuse and prevent refuse from blowing away are acceptable.
  • Gantries, hoarding, scaffolding or any construction on a verge requires a General Application approval for a Building Licence.
  • Street trees must be protected at all times.
  • Public footpaths must not be obstructed and must be maintained in a good trafficable condition and kept free of building materials and rubble. In some circumstances, it may be possible to temporarily relocate a public footpath, provided that an alternative 1.5 metre wide clear pedestrian access is provided, and subject to approval and compliance with the Town’s Infrastructure Services requirements. Footpaths must be shown on associated plans.
  • For public safety reasons, site storage sheds/buildings are not permitted on street verges; Health Regulations do not permit locating site toilets on verges.
  • Driveway crossovers and verge treatments require separate applications and approval from the Town’s Infrastructure & Compliance Services respectively.

You must apply for a Verge Permit before:

  • you use the verge for temporary storage of building material; or
  • you excavate adjacent to a street or verge.
  • you install a gantry or scaffold on a verge.

adobe-acrobat-icon32.png   Verge Permit Application 

Verge Permit Fees and Charges

 Item   Cost

Deposit of materials on a verge 


Monthly fee    $5/ m2 

Deposit of materials on a verge Commercial/Non-residential

Weekly fee    $5/m2

Application for Gantry fee


Weekly fee    $0.50/m

Application for hording, fencingor enclosure of a street


Weekly fee    $0.50/m



Please call us on 9347 6000 if you need further information.



Last Updated: 16/09/2016