Garden within the Town of Cambridge

Annual Recognition for Beautiful Gardens

The Town of Cambridge Garden Competition Awards is held annually to encourage home-owners to take pride in their gardens while contributing to the Town's leafy streetscapes.

Emphasis is placed on clean, neat, water wise and visually pleasing qualities and no preference is given to lush, green looking gardens.

All front gardens are automatic entrants; by the end of October the best gardens are shortlisted and judged by staff and councillors. The finalists are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Electors in December where the winners of each category are announced.

Garden categories include:

  • Best Residential Front Garden
  • Best Kept Street or Part Street
  • Best Commercial/Group Housing Front Garden
  • Best Waterwise Front Garden

Winners will receive a prize for their gardening efforts - presented at the Annual General Meeting in December.

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Happy Gardening!


Last Updated: 11/12/2015