Let's remove it fast!

The Town will clean and remove paint or marker graffiti on any location on property under the care and control of the Town or any residential or business property where graffiti is visible from a public place.

To help combat graffiti damage it's critical to have graffiti removed quickly. The Town attempts to have graffiti removed within 48 hours of receiving a report and will prioritise offensive graffiti for quicker removal. Cambridge doesn't remove graffiti from state or federal facilities.

Reporting Graffiti

Please report graffiti damage via our Report It page or contact us.  When completing your report please provide the following information:

  • a description of the graffiti;
  • location of graffiti;
  • street address;
  • business name;
  • nearest cross street;
  • colour and type (ie. paint, marker pen); and
  • any other useful information.  

Graffiti Control

A new innovative software device will soon stop graffi ti offenders in their tracks, thanks to a digital mapping application that stores and reports graffiti data.

The Town of Cambridge received $15,000 from the WA Police Strategic Crime Prevention Division for the device to streamline the graffiti reporting process. It will also eventually increase the volume and quality of information related to offences.

The Town is involved in other strategies aimed at reducing graffiti through:

  • providing details and photos of all graffiti removed to local police; and 
  • supporting community mural art projects on frequently tagged surfaces;
  • incorporating security concepts that minimise the potential for graffiti damage in the design of community areas;
  • sponsorship of the Constable Care program in local schools to deliver respect and crime deterrent messages;
  • involvement with the WA Police Strategic Crime Prevention Divisions Juvenile Graffiti Offenders Referral program; and
  • introduction of the Graffiti Safewipes initiative.

Other Websites

The WA Police Department website Goodbye Graffiti provides information on all things graffiti - from initiatives being implemented, the law, information for schools, parents and students to name but a few.  A visit to this website will answer all your questions about graffiti and what can be done to control it.

Visit Goodbye Graffiti

Main Roads Western Australia are the controlling body for the State's major roads as well as regulatory signage (such as 'Stop' and 'Give Way').  If you wish to report graffiti to Main Roads WA property visit their website.

Last Updated: 10/12/2014