Speed sign for built up areas

Traffic Management

The Town carries out regular inspections of its infrastructure (roads, footpaths, drainage etc.) to program replacement and maintenance works.  Residents are encouraged to report problems that appear between our inspections such as potholes in roads, oil spills, blocked drains and uneven paving slabs. Contact us to report all problems.

West Leederville Traffic Management Review

In February 2005, the West Leederville Traffic Management Review was prepared for the area bounded by Lake Monger Drive, Harborne Street, Salvado Road, Railway Parade and Southport Street.  Items of this review are considered for funding in each Budget.


   Download West Leederville Traffic Management Review (3.73mb)

Main Roads WA

Main Roads WA is the State road authority in Western Australia.  It maintains:

  • The Mitchell Freeway
  • West Coast Highway
  • Traffic Signals
  • Regulatory Signs (such as Stop and Give Way)
  • Regulatory Lines (such as road centrelines and holding lines)

For enquiries concerning these, refer to Main Roads WA on 1800 800 009.

Heavy Vehicles

For enquiries concerning heavy vehicles on Town roads, refer to Main Roads WA on 9470 0777. Main Roads WA are the heavy vehicle permit authority.

Works in Road Reserves

Excavations in roads or any works requiring traffic control must be approved by the Town and an application form must be submitted.


   Download Application to Undertake Works in Road Reserves

Regulatory Signs

Damaged 'Stop', 'Give Way' and 'Keep Left' signs should be reported to Main Roads WA on 1800 800 009.

Parking Signs and Street Name Plates

Contact us to report damaged or missing signs.  

Last Updated: 07/10/2013