Weeds growing through walk path

Controlling Weeds

A kerbside and footpath weed control program is carried out twice a year with a biodegradable herbicide (glyphosate). Control of weeds such as caltrop and one-hunga (jo-jo) is also undertaken in parks as required to ensure the safety of park users.

All spraying works are carried out by licensed operators, working under strict Health Department guidelines.

Safety Concerns

Weeds or grasses (in particular couch, kikuyu and buffalo) are a safety concern along footpaths and kerbing. If not controlled, weeds create trip hazards, obscure kerbs and damage surfaces.

Verge Spraying

  • normally occurs over a two week period in November and May;
  • advance notification is given in the newspaper three weeks prior; and 
  • an exemption register for residents not wanting their verge sprayed exists. Exemption is conditional on the resident maintaining the verge and footpath to similar safety levels as spraying.  To register, complete a Herbicide Application Exemption Form and return it to the Town.


   Download Herbicide Application Exemption Form


Last Updated: 07/10/2013