Building Permits

The new Building Act 2011 and supporting Regulations replace Parts viii, ix and xv of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960. The Building Act 2011 came into operation on 2 April 2012

If you're considering any of the following, in most cases you will need a building permit before undertaking any works:-

  • a renovation or alteration to an existing building;
  • constructing a new building;
  • putting in a swimming pool, spa, pools or putting up fencing, patios or sheds. 

Building Permits

To find out if you need a Building Permit check the Do I Need a Building Permit? fact sheet.

In most cases, a development application will also be required.  To check if one applies to your application view the When is Planning Approval Required?  fact sheet.

Under the Building Act 2011 building permits fall into two categories:



 Conditions  Timeframe
1 - Certified Applications

 Must be accompanied by a Certificate of Design Compliance, certified by a register buiding surveyor.  The Certificate of Design must be completed prior to the lodgement of a certified permit application.

Note: Commercial buildings Classes 2-9 must come to the Town as a certified application.

10 business days (excluding public holidays) fo the Town to assess your application.

21 calendar days for the applicant to provide further information if requested by the Town.

2 - Uncertified Building Application

For this category the Town will arrange for a registerd building surveyor to sign a Certificate of Design Compliance.

Note: Only applies to Class 1a - single residential housing and Classes 10a and 10b - non-habitable buildings, fences, retaining or free-standing walls, swimming pools, private garages and sheds.

25 business days (excluding public holidays) for the Town to assess your application.

21 calendar days for the applicat to provide further information if requested by the Town.


A Building Approval Certificate is issued when an occupancy permit is not applicable for class 1 and 10 buildings or incidental structures.  It provides certainty that a building or incidental structure meets the relevant requirements.

A Building Approval Certificate can also be used to retrospectively approve unauthorised work, and for registration of strata title plans.

A Demolition Permit is required for any demolition work, either a full building or part of a building.


Permit Application Forms

It 's important to note that only Building Commission permit application forms can be used.

Building Commission permit application forms and guides can be downloaded from the Building Commission website.


Building Permit Checklist and Requirements

This checklist lists all documents required when applying for a Building Permit. Before submitting your application please ensure the checklist (available below) is complete.


  Building Permit Checklist and Requirements 



If you're considering becoming an owner-builder for works over $20,000 approval must be obtained through the Building Services Board at the Building Commission, before you can apply for a building permit from  the Town.

You will be allowed to take out a building permit once every six years. 

The restriction from selling as an owner-builder within three years no longer applies under the new Building Act 2011.

For more information and to access owner-builder application forms visit the Building Commission website.


Notice of Completion

A new requirement under the Building Act 2011 (for all classes of building) is that the builder must submit a Notice of Completion within 7 days of finishing the work listed under a Permit.

The purpose of this Notice of Completion is to establish an end date for the Building Permit, for compliance and record keeping purposes.  It also defines the date that the builder has fulfilled his compliance obligations under the Building Act 2011.


Fees and Charges

Fees and charges apply to applications for building approval.

Please refer to the Fee Schedule for the correct fees and charges to accompany your application.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding Building Permits.

For information such as applicable fees and building approval certificates visit the Building Commission website.

Last Updated: 08/07/2016