Construction Management Plans

The Town of Cambridge requires developers and builders to carefully manage excavation, demolition and building works.

To achieve this, builders and developers are required to submit a Construction Management Plan that takes into account all relevant aspects of demolition and/or building work.

To ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the planning and on-going management of building work, demolition work and excavation the Town of Cambridge will:

Require builders and/or developers to submit a Construction Management Plan to the Town for approval, for all developments (except those of a minor nature), for the careful management of the construction process, with particular emphasis on the following:

  • public safety and amenity;
  • site plan and security;
  • contact details of essential site personnel, construction period and operating hours;
  • community information, consultation and complaints Management Plan;
  • noise, vibration, air and dust management;
  • dilapidation reports of nearby properties;
  • traffic, access and parking management;
  • waste management and materials re-use;
  • earthworks, excavation, land retention/piling and associated matters;
  • stormwater and sediment control;
  • street tree management and protection;
  • asbestos removal management plan; and
  • any other matters deemed appropriate by the Town. 

Refer to our policy and guidelines for further details.




Application Forms

Work Zone Application


Fees and charges 

 Item  Fee

Local Law Permits:


Deposit of Materials on a Verge- Residential- MONTHLY fee

$5 per square metre

Deposit of Materials on a Verge- Commercial/non-residential- WEEKLY fee

$5 per square metre

Application for Gantry/Hoarding/Fencing/Scaffolding/ Erection of crane on a verge- Weekly fee

$0.50 per lineal metre



Construction Work Zones:


Areas where a fee is specified/cost per bay/per day (Monday-Saturday)

Actual fee

Areas where no fee is specified - cost per bay or each of six lineal metres/day (Monday - Saturday)


Sale of 'work zone' signs

$25 each



Noise Regulation Fees:


Out- of- Hours Construction Work Application (Regulation 13)- assessment and approval


Out- of- Hours Construction Work Late Application (Regulation 13)- assessment and approval - for applications received later than seven days prior to the event



Current Construction Management Plans


49 Biara Gardens, Mount Claremont 


85-87 Cambridge Street

263 Cambridge Street

2 Carlton St, West Leederville

187 Challenger Parade

31 Connaught Street


49 Flynn Steet


152 Jersey Street


60 Kalinda Drive, City Beach 

17 Kimberley Street

122 Kimberley - Construction Management Plan

122 Kimberley - Construction Management Plan (updated)

122 Kimberley - Parking

122 Kimberley - Traffic


Lot 135 (No 54 ) Meagher Drive, Floreat

2 McCourt Street


3 Oxford Close

172 Oxford Close


32-38 Pangbourne Street

32-38 Pangbourne Street - Letter of Approval


189 Salvado Road, Jolimont


113 Tower St, West Leederville 


Department of Water - Ground Monitoring Bore Project at Lake Monger


More information

For more information on Construction Management Plans please contact our Compliance Department on 9347 6000.


Last Updated: 15/05/2017