Demolition Permits

To carry out demolitions within the Town of Cambridge, you must submit a Demolition Permit Application (available at the Building Commission website).  

When you're ready to submit your Demolition Permit Application, refer to the checklist below to ensure you have included all relevant documents.

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png   Demolition Permit Checklist and Requirements 

The fact sheets, available for download below, provide useful information on dust suppression and rodent baiting throughout a demolition site.

It's recommended that you read through the following fact sheets to ensure your demolition meets the Town's requirements. Penalties may occur if demolitions are not carried out accordingly.

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png    Rodent Baiting

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png    Dust Supression

Learn more about Dust Supression here.


Contact the Town's Building Services team if you would like more information.

Last Updated: 29/08/2016