Dust Suppression on Building Sites

Dust from demolition sites results in complaints from residents.

To combat the issue Council adopted a policy in 2008 to control dust coming from demolition sites; the policy authorises Council officers to issue directions to control dust and to issue infringements when directions aren't followed.

The Town of Cambridge Private Property Local Law (Part 7) available below, prescribes the owner or occupier of a lot on which sand or other material is deposited shall not permit the release or escape of such sand, dust or material from the lot so as to cause a nuisance to any adjacent property.


   Private Property Local Law


Where dust nuisance emanating from a demolition site is substantiated, authorised officers can issue either written or verbal directions to a responsible person or demolition company on appropriate means of dust suppression.

Such directions may require a sufficient volume of water be made available and used on a demolition site to adequately suppress dust emmisions (ie. water is to be directed on the structure being demolished and the building rubble being removed). A direction may also include a requirement that work on a demolition site cease until such time as a sufficient volume of water is available for dust suppression.

Appropriate means of dust suppression include:

  • the use of water tankers with independently powered water pumps to apply high volumes of water; or
  • the installation of a hydrant standpipe from the main water supply, to obtain and apply high volumes of water.

Further information regarding the application process and associated fees for hydrant standpipe hire can be obtained from the Water Corporation. Telephone 13 13 95  for more information.

Demolition companies and their employees are cautioned that failure to comply with a direction is an offence and will result in the issue of a $200 Infringement Notice.

Legal action may also be taken against any person or demolition company responsible for creating dust nuisance.

Last Updated: 10/12/2014