Citizenship Ceremony FAQs

I have received my letter of approval. When can I attend a ceremony?

The Town of Cambridge will be able to allocate you to the next available Citizenship Ceremony after we receive notification from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that your citizenship has been approved. These notifications are received from the DIBP approximately every two to three weeks.  

How long will I have to wait before I get an invitation to attend a ceremony?

The Town of Cambridge conducts four Citizenship Ceremonies per year and you will be scheduled for the first available Citizenship Ceremony. Invitations are sent out approximately four weeks prior to a ceremony.

Do I need to attend a ceremony to receive my certificate?

Candidates are required to attend a Citizenship Ceremony and make their pledge in order to validate their citizenship and receive their certificate.

What if I can’t attend the next scheduled Citizenship Ceremony?

You must notify the Town of your unavailability and we will allocate you to the next Citizenship Ceremony. Please note you have to attend a ceremony and make a pledge within 12 months of  your application being approved. After that period your application may be cancelled.

Is it possible to arrange a ceremony earlier than the next scheduled Citizenship Ceremony?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection policy is to encourage candidates to attend public ceremonies. However, in genuinely urgent and compelling circumstances, the DIBP may agree to conduct an urgent Citizenship Ceremony. If you believe your circumstances warrant consideration by the DIBP for an urgent Citizenship Ceremony, you must make the request in writing by completing an Urgent Ceremony Request Form and including all supporting documentary evidence. Each request for an urgent ceremony will be assessed according to the individual circumstances of the applicant and the supporting evidence provided. You can find an Urgent Ceremony Request Form on DIBP’s website. The DIBP  is the approving authority and will assess each situation to determine whether an urgent ceremony may be approved.

How long does the Citizenship Ceremony take?

The Citizenship Ceremony takes approximately one hour and is followed by complimentary food and drinks for new Citizens and their guests.

Where are the ceremonies held?

All the Town's Citizenship Ceremonies, except Australia Day, are held in the evening at the Town of Cambridge Administration Centre, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat WA 6014.  Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony is held in the morning at the Perry Lakes Reserve in Floreat and is part of the Town's Australia Day Festival.

What do I need to bring with me to the ceremony?

You are required to bring current Australian identification with you such as your current Australian driver’s licence.

May I bring guests along?

You are very welcome to invite members of your immediate family and/or close friends to witness this important occasion. We provide seating for 2 guests per adult applicant. 

What should I wear?

The dress code is smart casual.

Can I take photographs?

An official photograph will be taken of each candidate as they receive their certificate from the Mayor or Deputy Mayor. These are complimentary and will be sent to you within two weeks of the ceremony. You are welcome to bring your own cameras and take photographs throughout the ceremony.

I have lost my Citizenship Certificate. What should I do?

The Council cannot re-issue or replace Citizenship Certificates. You will need to contact the DIBP on 131 880 to arrange a replacement certificate.

Do children need to attend a Citizenship Ceremonies?

Children aged 16 years and over are legally required to attend a ceremony and take the citizenship pledge to become on Australian citizen. Children under the age of 16 are not legally required to take the citizenship pledge; however, they are welcome to attend the ceremony and are encouraged to take the citizenship pledge with their parents or guardian where possible.

When can I apply for an Australian passport? 

You must attend your ceremony and receive your citizenship certificate before you can apply for an Australian passport. The original certificate will be needed when applying for the passport. For more information about Australian passports, please visit or call the Australian Passport Office on 131 232.


For information on eligibility and how to apply to become an Australian Citizen, please contact the DIBP on 13 18 80, or visit the Citizenship website
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Customer Service Centre
Level 3, Wellington Central
836 Wellington Street


For further information about the Town's Citizenship Ceremonies please feel free to email us or phone 9347 6000.

Last Updated: 09/03/2016