Food Safety

Good hygiene and food safety practices can prevent food poisoning and other illnesses.

The Town of Cambridge carries out routine food safety and hygiene inspections of all business premises that prepare food for sale to the public.

Inspections are carried out to assess compliance of the food business with the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Inspections assess the structure of the premises, cleaning standards and the practices carried out by the food handlers when storing, preparing and serving food.

Strategies to ensure the safety of food include:

  • sampling of locally produced foods for compliance with Microbiological and Chemical Standards;
  • investigating complaints about food quality, food businesses or food handling practices; and 
  • regular inspections of food businesses (conducted by environmental health officers).

To help businesses achieve the highest level of food safety standards, Cambridge hosts a free interactive food safety training program called I'm Alert. Find out more about the program on the I'm Alert page here.

Last Updated: 07/10/2013