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Planning plays a fundamental role in achieving the broad strategic aims of the Town of Cambridge with regard to its physical and social development.

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Town Planning Scheme No.1 and Local Planning Policies

The Town of Cambridge Town Planning Scheme No. 1 is the primary document for the control and development of land in the Town. The Scheme divides land areas into zones which indicate the type of uses that may be possible in each particular area. You can locate your property's zoning using the Town's Intramaps.

The Town Planning Scheme is supplemented by various Planning Policies which provide detailed guidelines as to the form and nature of development permitted and development standards.


Developing your block of land?

Do you need planning approval?

Development requirements are mostly contained in the Town's Planning Policies and the Residential Design Codes. For fact sheets on different types of developments and what you need to submit with your Development Application refer to Planning Fact Sheets.

If you are building a new home, or making any additions or changes in your front yard, such as a new carport or front fence, refer to the Streetscape Policy for the relevant development standards.

Do you need information about Development Application Fees or need a Development Application form?

Are you ready to submit a Building Permit? Refer to the Building Services Page.

Development applications are for development on private land.  Find information here on other matters such as vergeswaste collection, parking permits, trading in public places, dividing fences and crossover applications.


Development Assessment Panels

Most planning applications are dealt with by the Town and Council, however Development Assessment Panels (DAP) applications are mandatory for larger types of development with an estimated value of $10 million or greater.  You can choose to submit a DAP for development between $2 million and $10 million in value (excluding single dwellings).


Changing the use of a building?

If you are changing the use of a building, for instance from a shop to an office of vice versa, in most cases you will need to apply for a development application for change of use.


Working from home?

You may need to apply for a home occupation.



Planning Services also undertakes strategic planning projects including the preparation of Centre Plans such as the West Leederville Activity Centre Plan and Wembley Activity Centre Plan and the review of the Town Planning Scheme including Scheme Amendment 27 (Omnibus and West Leederville Scheme Amendment) and Scheme Amendment 31 (Housing Options Scheme Amendment).


Waste Management Plans

Waste Management Plans for residential and commerical developments must be submitted to and approved by the Town priot to the commencement of development.

Last Updated: 03/06/2016