Planning and Design

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Planning plays a fundamental role in achieving the broad strategic aims of Cambridge with regard to:

  • its physical development; and
  • the social development of the community. 

The aims are put into practice through:

  •  implementation of the Town Planning Scheme through assessment and control of land use, subdivision and development;
  • reserving land for parks, roads, schools and civic purposes; and
  • the preparation of broad strategic plans and policies to provide a framework for Town Planning decisions and the improvement of areas throughout Cambridge.  

Town Planning Scheme No.1

The Town of Cambridge Town Planning Scheme No. 1 is the primary document for the control and development of land in the Town. The scheme divides land areas into zones which indicate the type of uses that may be possible in each particular area.

This scheme is supplemented by various policies which provide detailed guidelines as to the form and nature of development permitted.

Developing your block of land?

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The West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study concentrates on the area of West Leederville between the Leederville and West Leederville train stations and centres around Cambridge Street.    


Last Updated: 25/02/2015