Access and Parking


The Town's Parking Policy (Policy 5.1) sets out requirements for access and parking provisions for non-residential development.

For both environmental and practical reasons, the policy includes measures to provide for and encourage greater use of alternative transport modes, reducing reliance on the car.

The Policy was reviewed in response to findings from the Access and Parking Strategy and adopted by Council at its Meeting of 26th February 2013.

The Policy consists of:-

  • Parking ratios (covering car, bicycles and motorcycles/scooters/gophers);
  • Concessions on parking requirements up to 20% dependent on access to and attractiveness of alternative transport; and
  • Cash-in-lieu for parking provisions.

For parking requirements for residential development please refer to the Residential Design Codes.

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png   Policy 5.1 - Parking

To assist with applying the Parking Policy, please refer to the document below.

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png   Guide to Parking Ratios and Concessions 

In developments where 10 or more bays are required or where concessions are sought, Parking Management Plans are required. Please refer to the document below for guidance on preparing Parking Management Plans.

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png   Guide to Parking Management Plans 

Cash in lieu values

Applicants in some cases may be required to pay a cash in lieu contribution as outlined in the policy. The calculation of cash in lieu rates is indexed to inflation (Perth values). The following rates of cash in lieu per parking bay apply to applications approved in the 2015/16 financial year:

$31,362 per bay in the Medical Zone (Precinct); and Floreat Forum.

$15,681 per bay in the West Leederville Activity Centre; Wembley Town Centre; and all other commercial areas.

Access and Parking Strategy

At the 27 November 2012 Council meeting, the Access and Parking Strategy was endorsed as a guiding document for the future control and management of parking and access in the Town. The Strategy was undertaken in two parts.

Part 1 - Issues, Options and Long Term Strategic Directions

Part 1 involved developing an understanding of the issues associated with access and parking, examining possible options and solutions, and developing short, medium and long-term recommendations.  

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png   Part 1 - Issues, Options and Long Term Strategic Directions

Part 2 - Precinct Parking Management Plans

Part 2 of the Strategy includes the future access and parking requirements & policies and practical Precinct Parking Management Plans for the Town's main areas experiencing growth pressures including centres along Cambridge Street in West Leederville and Wembley and the medical zone, around St. John of God Hospital. 

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon16.png   Part 2 - Precinct Parking Management Plans

The Access and Parking Strategy has guided a review of the Town's Parking Policy 5.1. 

Further progress relating to other elements of the Strategy including public car parking will be integral to the development of a long term parking strategy and in turn the Town's transport strategy. 

For more information on the Town's Parking Policy or the Access and Parking Strategy, contact Planning Services on 9347 6045.

For general parking control matters, contact the Town's Ranger Services on 9347 6045.

Last Updated: 29/07/2015