Bushfire Prone Area Requirements

From Friday April 8, 2016 new legislation surrounding planning and building requirements for bushfire prone areas will be in place in Western Australia. Implemented by the State-Government, these Bushfire Reforms address recommendations following the 2011 Keelty Report of the Perth Hills bushfire that destroyed 71 homes, and aim to reduce the risk of bushfire on people, property, infrastructure and the environment.

 The Bushfire Reforms:

  • formally identify areas of the State that are at threat of bushfire (classified by the proximity to bushfire prone vegetation) on the Map of Bushfire Prone Areas; and
  • introduce new planning and building requirements for development proposed within bushfire prone areas, including the need to assess a property’s bushfire risk and the application of bushfire construction standards.  

Bushfire Prone Areas cover many of the major reserves and abutting residential properties throughout City Beach, Mt Claremont and Floreat. To find out if your property is located in a bushfire prone area, you can search for your address on the Map of Bushfire Prone Areas or on the Town's Intramaps.

Further information is available via the Town of Cambridge's Bushfire Prone Areas fact sheet, as well as the websites of the Department of Planning and Building Commissions of WA.

Last Updated: 03/05/2016