The West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study concentrates on the area of West Leederville between the Leederville and West Leederville train stations and centres around Cambridge Street.

The study sought to capitalise on West Leederville's strategic location and to take advantage of:

  • close proximity to central Perth and the Subiaco and Leederville Town centres;
  • good access to the Fremantle and Joondalup train lines, plus multiple bus routes along Cambridge Street;
  • good access to the freeway;
  • development potential in the event of a redeveloped Subiaco Oval; and 
  • an attractive, inner city character.


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A team with expertise in town planning, urban design, traffic planning and the business and property market carried out the West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study, a two part process that was completed in December 2010.


 Part 1 - Planning Scenarios


 Part 2 - Detailed Planning Report


Part 1 - Planning Scenarios

The aim of Part 1 was to determine the level of future growth and change for the area.  Three 'scenarios for change' were examined:

  • Modest Change
  • Targeted Change
  • Significant 'Blue Sky' Change

Comment was sought on the three planning scenarios to help determine the community's appetite for change in the area.

After receiving a large quantity of submissions, the preferred scenario to guide Part 2 of the study was decided to be a combination of both the targeted and significant change scenarios.


   Part 1 Summary Brochure


   Part 1 Outcomes of Consultation



Artist sketch of proposed Cambridge High Street looking east

Part 2 - Detailed Planning

Detailed planning was built upon the preferred scenario from Part 1.  The following precincts were identified for detailed design:

  • Cambridge 'High Street' (including Rosslyn Street commercial area and connection with West Leederville train station and Subiaco Oval);
  • Southport Street commercial area;
  • Leederville Railway Station link and connection with Cambridge Street;
  • community node north of Cambridge Street, centred around the Leederville Town Hall; and
  • residential area between Kerr Street and Abbotsford Street.

For each of the above precincts, Indicative Development Plans were prepared, illustrating:

  • comfortable, interesting and safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • better connections between Subiaco, West Leederville and Leederville train stations;
  • land use that supports and enhances a sustainable, mixed use area and takes advantage of access to public transport;
  • a lively, 'main street' character for Cambridge Street;
  • built form to allow for attractive, pedestrian scaled streets; and 
  • enhanced public areas: streets, parks and civic areas.

After seeking comment on the draft designs, Council decided to adopt Part 2 - Detailed Planning.


   Part 2 Summary Brochure


   Summary Commercial and Traffic Analysis insert


   Part  2 Outcomes of Consultation



Artist sketch of proposed Leederville link towards Cambridge Street


Additional Studies

To support Part 2 of the study, two additional studies were prepared.

National economics and management consulting firm Pracsys assessed the commercial viability of the detailed plan for West Leederville. 


   View Commercial Viability Analysis Report

 Porters Consulting Engineers undertook a traffic analysis and examined the likely effect that any proposed modifications to Cambridge Street to create the 'local high street' may have on nearby streets.


   View Traffic Analysis Report


West Leederville Business Survey

To assist with the preparation of the West Leederville Planning Study, a business survey was undertaken in October 2008. Responses revealed:

  • satisfaction with West Leederville as a location to own property or operate a business;
  • West Leederville offers good value for money;
  • West Leederville is valued for its central location with easy access to the CBD, major transport routes and public transport;
  • concern for increased traffic and parking shortfalls;
  • some support for increasing density and mixed use developments to attract more commercial services and customers and to increase the vibrancy of the area;
  • a desire to see streetscape improvements; and
  • the Town of Cambridge to demonstrate a greater understanding of property owners and business owners/managers issues.

View the outcomes of the survey below.


   West Leederville Business Survey


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