What is a DAP application?

There are three types of DAP applications:

  • mandatory applications - where the estimated cost of development is $7 million or more;
  • optional applications - where the estimate cost of the development is $3 million or more and less than $7 million (which the applicant can choose to be determined by a DAP); and
  • amended applications - for an extension to the period to commence development, an amendment to or deletion of a condition, or a minor amendment to the approved development.

Note: applications for a single house or fewer than ten grouped or multiple dwellings are excluded development applications regardless of estimated cost of development.

The Department of Planning have prepared an to assist with the preparation and lodgement of a DAP application. Download the brochure below.


   Applicant's Brochure

Applying for approval of a DAP application

If you're applying for approval of a DAP application you must complete two forms; a DAP form 1 and a Planning Approval Application form.


   DAP Form 1 

adobe-acrobat-icon32.png   Planning Approval Application

Your application is to be accompanied with the required documentation and plans.  Visit the fact sheet page to see what's required to submit a DAP application.

Payment of all necessary fees is required on lodgement of a DAP application for planning approval.  Both a DAP application fee and a development approval application fee are applicable to applications.

Lodging a DAP application

Before lodging a DAP application, a pre-lodgement consultation with a planning officer is required.  Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Planning Services staff.

Assessment of a DAP application

DAP applications are assessed by the Town's Planning Services based on the standards prescribed by the Town Planning Scheme, Policy Manual, and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).  The DAP application may also be publicly advertised if required. Following assessment, a report will be prepared by the Town for consideration at a Metro West JDAP meeting.  The Metro West JDAP will be responsible for determining the application.

For DAP meeting dates and agendas refer to Metro West JDAP Agendas and Minutes

How long will assessment take?

If a DAP application requires advertising, the Town's report is to be provided to the DAP within 80 working days of the application being received.  If the DAP application does not require advertising, the administration's report is to be provided within 50 working days to the DAP.

The presiding DAP member may allow for an extension of time at the request of either the Town or the Applicant.

Amended DAP applications

An amended DAP application may be lodged seeking:

  • an extension to the period for which the development has to be substantially commenced;
  • an amendment to, or deletion of, a condition of development approval; or
  • a minor amendment to the approved development (where the amendment does not substantially alter the development).

If you are lodging an amended DAP application you must complete both a DAP Form 2 and a Planning Approval Application Form.


   DAP Form 2

adobe-acrobat-icon32.png   Planning Approval Application form


Visit the fact sheet page to see what's required to accompany an amended DAP application. 

Payment of amended application fees is also required on lodgement of an amended DAP application.

It's recommended to contact Planning Services on 9347 6000 to discuss any proposed amendments prior to lodging an amended DAP application.

Contact us for further information or visit the Department of Planning's DAP website.

Last Updated: 07/10/2013