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0110DA-2015 - Lot 78 (No. 352) Cambridge Street, Wembley - 5 storey mixed-use development 

DAP meeting date:



Advertising until Wednesday 6 May 2015

Development summary:  

  • 5 storey development comprising one commercial tenancy on the ground floor and 34 multiple dwellings;
  • two levels of basement parking as well as street-level parking with vehicle access off Simper Street;
  • 43 car bays have been provided (49 required); the applicant's written submission accompanying the plans indicates that 34 bays have been allocated to the apartments (27 required), 2 for residential visitors (9 required) and 7 bays for the commercial tenancy (13 required) which are envisaged to be used as residential visitor bays after-hours; and
  • a plot ratio area of 2.51:1 is proposed, the current Wembley Precinct Policy specifies a maximum plot ratio area of 1:1.

Supporting documents: 



Lot 243 (No. 3) Kilpa Court, City Beach (Ocean Village Shopping Centre), (previously known as No. 52 Hale Road, City Beach), Mixed use development - four offices, one restaurant and 24 multiple dwellings

 DAP meeting date:


Status: currently being assessed.

Development summary:  

  • Six storey building with basement parking, three office tenancies on the ground floor and 24 apartments on the upper floors 
  • Apartments are: 1 x 3 bedrooms, 10 x 2 bedrooms + study, 5 x 2 bedrooms, 8 x 1 bedroo
  • Freestanding restaurant/café
  • Single storey office tenancy, bin store and toilets between the six storey building and the existing shopping centre
  • Alfresco area
  • Basement parking with 43 car bays, accessed from an existing driveway on the east side of the lot
  • The existing office building is to be retained but reduced in width to accommodate a wider access driveway on the east side
  • The existing at grade carpark with 15 car bays is to be retained.

Supporting documents: 


0431DA-2014 - 6 storey mixed use development
Lot 226, 702, 703, 704 (No 29-33) Northwood Street, West Leederville
 DAP meeting date:

Tuesday, 5 May 2015, 10am

City of Subiaco

241 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Status: Form 2 for minor amendments lodged with the Town 9 March 2015, currently under assessment. To be determined at a DAP meeting scheduled for Tuesday 5 May 2015. Original plans approved by the Development Assessment Panel 12 February 2015. 

Development summary (amended plans):  

  • 6 storey building with mechanical plant area on the roof top; 
  • 64 apartments comprising one and two bedroom dwellings;
  • 2 ground floor commercial tenancies fronting Northwood Street;
  • 90 car bays
  • basement and ground level parking within the building - access via Pether Lane; and
  • waste collection from Pether Lane.

Form 2 Application Plans  Amended Plans 29-33 Northwood St March 2015.pdf
Revised Responsible Authority Form - February 2015  

RAR 29-33 Northwood Street

Amended Plans
19 January 2015

 Amended Drawings Part 1

 Amended Drawings Part 2

 Amended Drawings Part 3

 Updated Massing Image

Supporting documents: 

 Drawing Set

 Landscape Drawings

 Planning Report Part 1

 Planning Report Part 2

 Planning Report Part 3

 Traffic Assessment Part 1

 Traffic Assessment Part 2

 Waste Management and Public Art Report

Additional documents lodged 15 Dec 2014:




 Further documents

 Responsible_authority_form (Part 1)

 Responsible_authority_form (Part 2)


0118DA-2015 - Lot 1 (No. 3) Oxford Close, West Leederville - 4 storey office development with café and digitalised screen  

DAP meeting date:



Currently being assessed

Development summary:  

  • Four storey building with office space on first to third floor
  • Small ground floor café on corner of Oxford Close and Railway Parade
  • Undercroft parking at ground level (7 bays) with access off Oxford Close
  • Digitalised screen sign on the Oxford Close/Railway Parade corner of building
  • Plot ratio of 1.06:1 in lieu of plot ratio of 1:1 applicable under West Leederville Policy

Supporting documents: 









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