DAP - Current Applications

0471DA-2014 -   20 multiple dwellings
Lot 62 (No. 122) Kimberley Street, West Leederville
 Date meeting date: To be advised 
 Status: Being assessed 

Development summary:  

  • Two storey development comprising 20 multiple dwellings, 10 dwellings on the ground floor and 10 dwellings on the upper floor, accessed via staircase

  • A total of 25 car parking bays provided on site

  • Common driveway along the southern side of the lot

  • Eight one bedroom dwellings and 12 two bedroom dwellings

Supporting documents: 

pdf.png  122 Kimberley Street Plans

pdf.png  Ground floor plan

pdf.png  240L waste container specification

pdf.png  Waste management plan


 0431DA-2014 - 7 storey mixed use development
Lot 226, 702, 703, 704 (No 29-33) Northwood Street, West Leederville
 DAP meeting date:

To be advised

Status: Deferred to a meeting date to be determined

Development summary:  

  • 7 storey building with screened mechanical plant area on the roof top; 
  • 74 apartments comprising one and two bedroom dwellings;
  • communal roof top recreational area comprising BBQs, outdoor dining and lounge areas facing west (rear);
  • 2 ground floor commercial tenancies fronting Northwood Street and a small coffee kiosk;
  • 102 car bays (including 17 residential visitor bays /commercial bays - reciprocal use of bays is proposed);
  • basement and ground level parking within the building - accessed via Pether Lane;
  • waste collection from Pether Lane; and
  • public open space concept - street verge planters, landscaping, street furniture and bike racks.

Supporting documents: 

pdf.png  Drawing Set

pdf.png  Landscape Drawings

pdf.png  Planning Report Part 1

pdf.png  Planning Report Part 2

pdf.png  Planning Report Part 3

pdf.png  Traffic Assessment Part 1

pdf.png  Traffic Assessment Part 2

pdf.png  Waste Management and Public Art Report

Additional documents lodged 15 Dec 2014:

pdf.png Development_Plans_and_Elevations_Part_1

pdf.png Development_Plans_and_Elevations_Part_2

pdf.png Development_Plans_and_Elevations_Part_3

 Further documents

pdf.png  Responsible_authority_form (Part 1)

pdf.png  Responsible_authority_form (Part 2)


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