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Lot 18 (No. 164-166) Railway Parade, West Leederville - 155 multiple dwellings

 DAP meeting date:



Currently being assessed

Development summary:  

  • Two 10 storey buildings separated by a private outdoor area
  • 155 apartments, 191 car parking bays, 33 visitor car parking bays
  • Apartments are: 39 x 1 bedroom, 105 x 2 bedroom, 11 x 3 bedrooms
  • Resident car parking contained in two basement levels, visitor car parking at ground level
  • A 6m strip of land at the rear of the site is proposed to be ceded to the Town to allow the continuation of the ROW at the rear of No. 1 70 Railway Parade
  • Vehicular access to the car parking via a left in/left out turning from Railway Parade, or from the rear ROW through Nicholson Street
  • Rubbish collection at the rear of the building, via Nicholson Street
  • Public thoroughfare on the west side of the lot connecting Railway Parade to Nicholson Street
  • Residents' amenities including mini theatre, meeting room, games room, lounge, sauna, swimming pool and gym on the ground level
  • Plot ratio of 3:1 (13,425.5m2 of floor space)

Supporting documents: 






Lot 5 (No. 187) Cambridge Street, Wembley - Five storey addition to the Marian Centre

 DAP meeting date:



Currently being assessed

Development summary:  

  • The Marian Centre is a private psychiatric service, providing inpatient and outpatient services and a range of therapy programs.
  • In December 2014, DAP approved an application for an extension and refurbishment of the hospital  including a three storey addition to be built to the Cambridge Street (northern) boundary for new patient rooms and ancillary hospital functions such as therapy rooms and day rooms.  The extension will increase the number of patient beds from 31 to 66.  This is Stage 1 of the development.
  • This application is for Stage 2 of the development.  Stage 2 comprises:
    • demolition of the remaining single storey buildings (including 18 patient rooms, kitchen, dining room, laundry and group therapy rooms);
    • addition of two storeys to the Stage 1 extension, resulting in a five storey building facing Cambridge Street.  These floors will include patient beds, group therapy rooms and associated facilities; and
    • a new five storey extension on the western portion of the site along the Cambridge Street boundary including a new entrance and undercroft parking area, kitchen and dining room, patient rooms and associated facilities and corporate (management) offices.
  • A total of 54 new hospital beds will be added in the facility increasing the number of beds to 120.
  • The existing eastern crossover to Cambridge Street is to remain, the western crossover will be removed.  New parking areas are to be accessed from D-Arcy Lane.
  • A total of 52 car parking bays are to provided.  The existing parking area along the eastern boundary is to be allocated to staff only.  The new parking areas along the southern and western boundaries are to be allocated to visitor and after hours staff parking.
  • The total plot ratio area of the development is 5,487m2, equating to a plot ratio of 1.93.

Supporting documents: 


0110DA-2015 - Lot 78 (No. 352) Cambridge Street, Wembley - 5 storey mixed-use development 

DAP meeting date:



Advertising until Wednesday 6 May 2015

Development summary:  

  • 5 storey development comprising one commercial tenancy on the ground floor and 34 multiple dwellings;
  • two levels of basement parking as well as street-level parking with vehicle access off Simper Street;
  • 43 car bays have been provided (49 required); the applicant's written submission accompanying the plans indicates that 34 bays have been allocated to the apartments (27 required), 2 for residential visitors (9 required) and 7 bays for the commercial tenancy (13 required) which are envisaged to be used as residential visitor bays after-hours; and
  • a plot ratio area of 2.51:1 is proposed, the current Wembley Precinct Policy specifies a maximum plot ratio area of 1:1.

Supporting documents: 



Lot 243 (No. 3) Kilpa Court, City Beach (Ocean Village Shopping Centre), (previously known as No. 52 Hale Road, City Beach), Mixed use development - four offices, one restaurant and 24 multiple dwellings

 DAP meeting date:

10am - Wednesday, 27 May 2015 at the Town of Cambridge

Status: Assessment complete.

Development summary:  

  • Six storey building with basement parking, three office tenancies on the ground floor and 24 apartments on the upper floors 
  • Apartments are: 1 x 3 bedrooms, 10 x 2 bedrooms + study, 5 x 2 bedrooms, 8 x 1 bedroo
  • Freestanding restaurant/café
  • Single storey office tenancy, bin store and toilets between the six storey building and the existing shopping centre
  • Alfresco area
  • Basement parking with 43 car bays, accessed from an existing driveway on the east side of the lot
  • The existing office building is to be retained but reduced in width to accommodate a wider access driveway on the east side
  • The existing at grade carpark with 15 car bays is to be retained.

Supporting documents: 


0431DA-2014 - 6 storey mixed use development
Lot 226, 702, 703, 704 (No 29-33) Northwood Street, West Leederville
 DAP meeting date:

Tuesday, 5 May 2015, 10am

City of Subiaco

241 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

 Agenda:  Metro_West_Agenda_No_94_-_5_May_2015.pdf
Status: Form 2 for minor amendments lodged with the Town 9 March 2015, currently under assessment. To be determined at a DAP meeting scheduled for Tuesday 5 May 2015. Original plans approved by the Development Assessment Panel 12 February 2015. 

Development summary (amended plans):  

  • 6 storey building with mechanical plant area on the roof top; 
  • 64 apartments comprising one and two bedroom dwellings;
  • 2 ground floor commercial tenancies fronting Northwood Street;
  • 90 car bays
  • basement and ground level parking within the building - access via Pether Lane; and
  • waste collection from Pether Lane.

Form 2 Application Plans  Amended Plans 29-33 Northwood St March 2015.pdf
Revised Responsible Authority Form - February 2015  

RAR 29-33 Northwood Street

Amended Plans
19 January 2015

 Amended Drawings Part 1

 Amended Drawings Part 2

 Amended Drawings Part 3

 Updated Massing Image

Supporting documents: 

 Drawing Set

 Landscape Drawings

 Planning Report Part 1

 Planning Report Part 2

 Planning Report Part 3

 Traffic Assessment Part 1

 Traffic Assessment Part 2

 Waste Management and Public Art Report

Additional documents lodged 15 Dec 2014:




 Further documents

 Responsible_authority_form (Part 1)

 Responsible_authority_form (Part 2)


0118DA-2015 - Lot 1 (No. 3) Oxford Close, West Leederville - 4 storey office development with café and digitalised screen  

DAP meeting date:



Currently being assessed

Development summary:  

  • Four storey building with office space on first to third floor
  • Small ground floor café on corner of Oxford Close and Railway Parade
  • Undercroft parking at ground level (7 bays) with access off Oxford Close
  • Digitalised screen sign on the Oxford Close/Railway Parade corner of building
  • Plot ratio of 1.06:1 in lieu of plot ratio of 1:1 applicable under West Leederville Policy

Supporting documents: 


Ground Floor.pdf

First Floor.pdf

Second Floor.pdf

Third Floor.pdf

West Elevation.pdf

North Elevation.pdf

East Elevation.pdf

South Elevation.pdf

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