Fencing in the front setback

Fence Design

The preferred streetscape is one that is open to the street, where gardens and houses are in clear view.

The Town allows different fencing options, based on the principle the taller the fence, the more open style (or see-through) it should be.  The options include:

  • A solid wall up to 0.75m in height
  • A picket fence up to 1.2m in height
  • A solid wall up to 0.35m in height and in fill panels (33% open) to 1.2m in height
  • A solid wall up to 0.75m in height and in fill panels (80% open) to 1.8m in height

Although some concession may be allowed on main roads, at least some degree of openness is still desired. If you wish to screen traffic noise with a solid wall, consider dense planting as it's more effective in absorbing sound.

Diagrams of appropriate fencing options can be viewed in the fact sheet below.

pdf.png   Front Fencing and Walls 


Streetscapes and safety

Open front yards present your house and garden to the street, making the street a more open, attractive and hospitable place to live.

Contrary to popular belief, solid screen walls don't improve security as once a person is behind the walls - no-one can see what they're up to.

Floreat and City Beach were originally designed on 'garden city' principles, with deep building setbacks from the street. With the housing in these areas becoming larger, maintaining an open street view becomes even more critical in maintaining this character. Why put all your effort into designing your house and then hide it from view?

If you're thinking of putting a swimming pool in your front yard, you can't expect to have it totally screened from view with a solid wall. If privacy is a real concern, the most effective and attractive method to achieve this is by dense screen planting.

Also it's interesting to note that open, active streets are less conducive to traffic speed. It's been found the speed of traffic is governed, to a large extent, by how much residents have psychologically retreated from the street. As residents retreat behind high walls they give traffic permission to go faster.

If you're thinking of fencing the front of your property and would like to avoid the possibility of having to modify the fence to conform with the Town's requirements, contact us for further advice.  

For more information on front fencing standards please refer to:

pdf.png   3.1 - Streetscape Policy 

Last Updated: 06/04/2016