What is the State Register?

The State Register of Heritage Places is a statutory list of places identified by the Heritage Council of WA to have cultural heritage significance for Western Australia. The register is given protection under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990.

Schedule 1: Registers of the Policy Manual lists the places within Cambridge known to be entered on the Register of Heritage Places on a permanent basis. Download the schedule below.


   Schedule 1 - Registers

For further information on the State Register visit the Heritage Council of WA website.

What is a Municipal Inventory?

A Municipal Inventory (MI) in its simplest form is a list of places or buildings identified as having cultural or heritage significance to the community.  Under the Heritage of Western Australia Act (1990) every local government within Western Australia is required to prepare, and periodically review, a Municipal Inventory.

The Cambridge Municipal Heritage Inventory and Townscape Precinct Study was adopted in December 1996.


   Municipal Heritage Inventory - Part 1 Historic Framework and Site Assessments


   Municipal Heritage Inventory - Part 2 Townscape Precinct Study

What is a Conservation Area?

A Conservation Area is an area of land or precinct where special planning controls adopted under the scheme are in place to conserve and enhance the area's cultural heritage significance and its character.

Holyrood Street, West Leederville has been declared a Conservation Area. 


   Design guidelines apply to the Holyrood Conservation Area


Contact us for further information on heritage requirements. 

Last Updated: 07/10/2013