Aged and Dependent Persons' Dwellings

Aged and Dependent Persons' dwellings provide the opportunity for small-scale specialised housing in local communities and are one option to meet the growing need for housing for the aging population and people who wish to downsize and live in their local area.

The R-Codes of Western Australia allow for a one-third reduction in site area for Aged or Dependent Persons' dwellings. The Town's Aged and Dependent Person's Policy reduces the requirement to receive the site area reduction from five dwellings as is required in the R-Codes to only two dwellings (or one dwelling where an existing dwelling is retained). This will increase the flexibility to provide this type of housing on smaller lots.

Please refer to the Aged and Dependent Persons' Dwellings Policy for further conditions which apply. A Frequently Asked Questions information sheet is also available for download.

pdf.png   Policy 3.11 Aged and Dependent Persons' Dwellings

pdf.png   Aged and Dependent Persons' Dwellings FAQs 


The Town has also prepared a Housing Options Brochure which includes examples of how aged and dependent dwellings could be designed under the Policy.


Last Updated: 07/05/2014