When is planning approval required?

Planning approval is required if you intend to develop or change the use of your land.

Generally, an application for planning approval will be required for proposals involving:

  • residential development requiring variation to the R-Codes and the Town's Planning Policies;
  • non-residential developments;
  • development with two or more dwellings
  • advertising signs;
  • changing the use of a building/premises;
  • home occupation (businesses conducted from home);
  • lapsed development approvals (approvals are generally valid for two years, after which a new application must be submitted);
  • places listed as being of heritage significance;
  • property located within a Bushfire Prone Area;
  • front fencing requiring variation to the Town's Planning Policies; and
  • retaining walls (over 500mm in height).

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 outline certain types of development (the most notable being a single house development) that do not require planning approval if it fully complies with relevant planning requirements of the Town's planning policies and the R-Codes.

Please refer to the When do I need planning approval? fact sheet to confirm if your development is exempt or a planning approval is required.

Contact us if you're unsure whether or not you require planning approval. 

Applying for planning approval

If you're applying for planning approval you must complete a Planning Approval Application form available below.

  Planning Approval Application Form 

If you have already received planning approval and would like to submit amended plans, you must complete the Amended Plans - Planning Approval Application form available below.

   Amended Plans Development Application Form

To enable your application to be processed as quickly as possible please ensure the required documentation is included with your application.

Use the fact sheets page for full details on what's required when applying for planning approval for various circumstances.

Payment of all necessary fees  is required on lodgement of an application for planning approval.  

Lodging an application

Before lodging an application for planning approval you're encouraged to telephone the Town's Planning Services on 9347 6000.

The Town's planning officers can assist with advice on what information is required and explain the assessment process. Information can also be provided that will improve the chances of the application being approved quickly and add value to your proposal.

Time spent speaking to a Planning Officer prior to lodging an application will often save time later.

Assessing your application

Planning applications are assessed by the Town's Planning Services based on the standards prescribed by the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, Town Planning Scheme, Policy Manual, and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes). Applications are assessed considering the following:

  1. a complying application may be processed without being presented to a meeting of Council;
  2. where an application involves a discretionary decision, the application may be considered at a meeting of Council; and
  3. where neighbours are affected by variations to standards, their comments are taken into account when assessing the application.

Residential Design Codes

To assist our assessment process the Town has adopted the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) developed by the WA Planning Commission. The R-Codes provide a comprehensive basis for the control of residential development throughout Western Australia.

Please note: The Town Planning Scheme No. 1 Policy Manual must be consulted prior to design as certain requirements of the R-Codes have been replaced by council policy.

The R-Codes do not address the physical construction requirements or the internal arrangements of buildings - these are matters controlled by the Building Codes of Australia.

Further information on the R-Codes is available from the Planning WA website.

How long will an assessment take?

The period taken to assess individual applications can vary depending on whether or not the application complies with the requirements of the Town Planning Scheme No. 1 which can in turn, determine if an application can be dealt with under delegated authority or is required to be determined at a Council Meeting. As a guide you should allow between four to eight weeks for assessment.

Subdivision approvals

All applications for subdivision approval are determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The Town's role in this process is to provide the WAPC with recommendations on applications and to clear conditions.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the Planning WA website.

Home Occupations

If you're applying for approval to conduct a home-based business you must complete a Planning Approval Application available below.

   Development Application Form

To enable your application to be processed as quickly as possible please ensure the required documentation is included with your application.

Use the information sheet below for full details what is required when applying for approval.

   Home Occupations

Contact us for further information on home-based business applications. 

Last Updated: 06/04/2016