Planning Scheme and Policies

Town Planning Scheme No 1 which comprises of the Scheme Text, Scheme Map and the Policy Manual, is the statutory document that controls the use and development of land within the Town of Cambridge.


Scheme Text and Map

The scheme map shows the classification of land (either as a reserve or a particular zone) within Cambridge and the scheme text prescribes the land uses which may or may not be permitted in the various zones via the Zoning Table. The scheme text also establishes the requirements for the use and development of land throughout the Town.

Check the zoning of your property by viewing the map below.

Town Planning Scheme Map*  To look up a property, please refer to the intramaps webpage


View the Town of Cambridge's Town Planning Scheme text.


Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations

The new Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 came into effect on 19 October 2015, replacing the Town Planning Regulations 1967 and the Model Scheme Text. The Regulations introduce a set of 'deemed provisions' which automatically apply and form part of the Town of Cambridge Town Planning Scheme No. 1.

The existing Town Planning Scheme No.1 and Town's Planning Policies should be read in conjunction with the new 'deemed provisions'. Where there is inconsistency between a 'deemed provision' and an existing scheme provision, the deemed provision will prevail.

The new Regulations also set out procedures for schemes amendments. These procedures seek to streamline local scheme amendments by adopting a 'track-based' approach, with different timeframes allocated for basic, standard and complex amendments.

Further information about the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 can be found on the Department of Planning website at


Policy Manual

To provide additional aspects of development control and guidance for the development of sites, Town Planning Scheme No. 1 allows the Council to adopt planning policies, known collectively as the Policy Manual. The Policy Manual contains policies that guide both residential and non-residential development and also the provision of parking, advertising signs, landscaping and communication infrastructure.

The Policy Manual also contains the precinct policies which detail statement of intent and additional development standards for the City Beach, Reabold, Floreat, Wembley, West Leederville and Lake Monger precincts.

Note: Policies for residential development, including those for streetscape, buildings on the boundary and building height have standards that replace the acceptable standards of the Residential Design Codes. 

View the complete manual below:


  Town Planning Scheme Policy Manual


For individual sections of the Manual, see below.

Residential Zones: Use and Development

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.1 Streetscape  - Learn more about the Streetscape Policy

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.2 Buildings on Boundary

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.3 Building Height

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.4 Jersey Street, Jolimont

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.5 Home Occupation

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.6 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.7 Child Day Care Centres

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.8 Local Shops

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.9 Commercial Vehicle Parking

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.10 Non-residential Development in Residential Areas

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.11 Aged and Dependent Persons' Dwellings

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.12 Parkside Walk Jolimont Design Guidelines

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.13 - St Johns Wood, Mt Claremont

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 3.14 Minor Structures Behind Street Setback


Non Residential Zones: Use and Development

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 4.1 Design of Non-residential Development

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 4.2 Residential Development in Non-residential Areas

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 4.3 Amusement Centres


Ancillary Uses and Development

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.1 Parking

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.2 Advertising Signs

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.3 Landscaping and Water Sensitive Urban Design

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.4 Communications Antennae

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.5 Telecommunications Infrastructure

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.6 Percent for Public Art

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 5.7 Construction Management Plans


Precinct Policies

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 6.1 Precinct P1 - City Beach

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 6.2 Precinct P2 - Reabold

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 6.3 Precinct P3 - Floreat

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 6.4 Precinct P4 - Wembley

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 6.5 Precinct P5 - West Leederville

adobe-acrobat-icon.png    Policy 6.6 Precinct P6 - Lake Monger


Local Law 43

adobe-acrobat-icon.png   Schedule 3 - Local Law 43 - Building on Endowment Lands and Limekilns Estate


Design Guidelines

To ensure high quality development outcomes, design guidelines may also be adopted by Council under Town Planning Scheme No.1. Design guidelines provide specific design controls for certain areas or development within Cambridge.

Design Guidelines (available below) have been adopted for the Holyrood Conservation Area (shown on the Scheme Map) to maintain the character of the street.

adobe-acrobat-icon.png   Holyrood Street Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines have been approved by Council for the Ocean Mia development in City Beach. View the gudelines below.


   Ocean Mia Design Guidelines

View other supporting documents below.


   Addenda to Specific Lot Guidelines (this addenda shows amended garage locations for nominated lots and amended site level for Lot 520)


   Addenda to Type 5 - South Facing Lots (this addenda shows the amended diagram for single and double storey development on page 27 of the guidelines)


Last Updated: 04/01/2017