What is the Town Planning Scheme?

The Town Planning Scheme (TPS) is the statutory document that controls the use and development of land within Cambridge. The scheme is being reviewed to ensure scheme provisions and policies remain valid and useful. A staged approach to the review will allow changes to the scheme to occur over time.

The scheme review will be guided by the preparation of a Local Planning Strategy (LPS) which will set a clear picture of objectives, planning intentions and proposals of both the Council and the community.

Plans or strategies may also be prepared for specific precincts to account for local history and character and/or specific land use and planning issues. Such studies include the West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study.


Scheme review area

 A map indicating the scheme review area


 Stage of Scheme Review                  Completion Date

Council adoption of  amendments to the Policy Manual

October 2009

Council adoption of preliminary Local Planning Strategy

May 2010

West Leederville Planning and Urban Design Study

December  2010

Values and Attitudes Survey

November 2010

West Leederville Centre Plan

August 2011

Policy 6.5 - Precinct P5: West Leederville          October 2012 

Access and Parking Study

Part 1 - Issues, Options and Long Term Strategic Directions

Part 2 - Precinct Parking Management Plans


December 2011

November 2012  

West  Leederville Study Scheme Amendments

In progress
Housing Options Brochure  May 2013 
Housing Options Community Engagement  August 2013 


How to get involved

Community consultation will be a key component of the Scheme review and development of local planning strategies and will include surveys, advertising of plans and public forums for example.

The review will shape the future of your neighbourhood and all community members are encouraged to take an interest and participate in the review process.

Updates and information on future consultation opportunities will be made available on this website as they occur.


Town Planning Scheme amendments currently advertised

 Amendment No. 24 - Final Stage of St John's Wood, Mount Claremont

It is proposed to amend Town Planning Scheme No. 1 to rezone Lot 13409 (No. 2) Rochdale Road, Mount Claremont from 'No Zone' and 'Residential R12.5' to 'Residential R30' and to rezone Lot 87 (No. 2a) Rochdale Road, mount Claremont from 'Residential R12.5' to a local scheme reserve 'Parks and Recreation'. This land is locally known as Banksia Farm. 

The scheme amendment enables the northern portion of the site to be developed with approximately 45 new dwellings consisting of predominately single residential lots. The southern portion of the site will be retained as vegetated open space to be managed by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

The State Government will be developing the land and have appointed government developer Landcorp to undertake the project.

Amendment Documentation can be viewed here.

Plans and documents can also be viewed at the Council Offices, 1 Bold Park Drive Floreat, during office hours up to and including Monday 28 July 2014.

To view further information on Landcorp's website please visit Landcorp St John's Wood Mount Claremont.


Public comments may be submitted regarding Amendment No.24, either in writing using Form No. 4 (available for download below) or by filling in the below form. Comment period closes Monday, 28th July 2014.

Form No. 4


  Scheme Amendment No.24 - Mt Claremont
Name *
Address *
Subject of Submission
State how your interests are affected, whether as a private citizen, on behalf of a company or other organisation, or as an owner or occupier of property
Address of property affected by scheme amendment (if applicable), include lot number and nearest street intersection
Give, in full, your comments and any arguments supporting your comments
Please enter the letter/number sequence below before pressing the Submit button. Your submission will not be lodged without inclusion of this code.


Contact us for further information. 



Last Updated: 16/06/2014